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The Bachelorette

Holly Durst Wants to Be a Judge on Bachelor Pad 3 — Exclusive

Holly Durst is a busy lady — she’s getting married to fellow Bachelor Pad 2 cast member Blake Julian this summer, and she just published her first book, Chocolate Socks. What’s next for this South Carolina sweetheart? A Caribbean honeymoon, writing more books, and… Maybe Bachelor Pad 3?

Credit: Holly Durst on Twitter    

When asked if she had plans to grace the small screen again, Holly says she’s not interested in further filming of her love life. “I don’t have any desire to do that any more,” she stated simply in a telephone interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, before giddily adding, “But I do want to be a judge on Bachelor Pad 3! I just think that would be so fun.”

Holly won Bachelor Pad 2, splitting the $250,000 earnings with former fiancé Michael Stagliano, before getting engaged to hunky blonde dentist (and Bachelorette alum) Blake. Now that ABC has officially picked up Bachelor Pad 3, we think Holly’s got both the friendly disposition and strategic acumen needed to judge what’s bound to be an action-packed season.

In the meantime, you can order Holly’s book on her website. She is personalizing every order.

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