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The Bachelor

Lindzi Cox’s First Interview: Ben Led Me On But I’m Happy for Ben and Courtney

Is there an opposite of “bitter,” besides “sweet”? Lindzi Cox is the opposite of bitter. She was almost gleeful to lose The Bachelor Season 16 — but can you blame her?

Lindzi wasn’t on the “After the Final Rose” special that aired right after the Season 16 finale, although that’s the usual spot for the runner-up. Instead, she talked to Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in place of the engaged Bachelor couple, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson.


Lindzi isn’t sorry that Ben didn’t pick her. In the moment, after getting out of the helicopter in Switzerland, she said she was studying Rosemaster Chris Harrison’s poker face to try to get any hints on what Ben would do. No dice. “Hindsight, [Ben] made his decision and I’m, you know, I’m in a really good place and I’m happy how it ended up. I respect it.”

Did anyone in the house like Courtney, Jimmy asked? “I didn’t dislike her,” Lindzi said. She admitted Courtney made herself the villain, but she never saw that side of Courtney herself. “She called me boring, which I kind of have an issue with.” (Hey, Kacie Boguskie said Jamie Otis didn’t seem too bright; you got away easy.) But Lindzi didn’t see any of Courtney’s comments until watching the show back. She watched it with her 10 best girlfriends and a couple of bottles of wine. She didn’t tell any of them how it turned out, but she’s fine with the result. She didn’t agree when Jimmy called it a “bad ending.”

“You know what, though, it was a good ending,” Lindzi said. “I’m happy for them. I’m really happy for me.” Jimmy couldn’t believe her. “Are you really happy for them? Would you submit to a polygraph?” She said she wished the best for them. Does she feel like Ben led her on? “Maybe a little bit.” (A lot!) Jimmy also asked if Lindzi made love to Ben during filming. She laughed and said, “Stay tuned! Bachelor after hours.” (That’s a non-answer. Lindzi is doing the media rounds this week so maybe she’ll expound on that topic.)

Unlike Season 15’s runner-up Chantal O'Brien, Lindzi didn’t find love during the airing of the show because she said she hasn’t been able to date. (Her Dumpsville ex sings a different, less-gentlemany tune but... whatever. Lindzi’s awesome) But now, the Pacific Northwest native says she’s ready to mingle: “Look out, Seattle!”

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