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The Bachelor

“You Are My Forever!” Sweetest Ben and Courtney Quotes From The Bachelor 16 Finale

Ben Flajnik + Courtney Robertson = ♥.They were in love. They are in love. Past. Present. Future. Deal with it, haters! B + C had their sweetest moments, appropriately enough, on the finale of The Bachelor Season 16, which ended with Ben proposing to Courtney. She said yes, among other nice things. It was a magical moment, soiled only by the rest of the season. But whatever. Time to focus on the present and the future.

“You Are My Forever!” Sweetest Ben and Courtney Quotes From The Bachelor 16 Finale
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Courtney to Ben's mom: "He's special and smart and funny. We just laugh so hard when we’re together. I come home and my cheeks hurt, he’s so funny — and smart. I love him. I just love him. I just think he’s the best.”

Courtney to Ben’s sister, Julia Flajnik: “I’m in love with your brother and I wouldn’t hurt him. ... It feels right. It’s like what everyone says, when you know, you know.

Ben's mom: “She’s giving you, I think, her true side.”

Julia: “I think Courtney is more of what you want. I think she’s very driven, obviously she’s not sugar-coating anything...”

Ben's mom: “If people say, like, 'Well, Courtney sure had some problems relating to the other girls and maybe Ben didn’t pick the right person' I can say, ‘Well he saw a different side of her and that’s who he picked and he’s going to give it a try and see what happens.’”

From Courtney's letter to Ben: “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found you.”

Ben: "The woman that I want to propose to today brings me more joy than I could've ever imagined. It feels like we were meant to be. Like we were put on this planet to be together."

Courtney: "If Ben and I get engaged, I know it will last forever. At times you have to work through things and you're there for one another, but I'm so happy I hung in there and it's all worth it."

Ben: "I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life where I feel like someone loves me as much as I love them."

Ben: “I think you are an incredible woman, an incredible woman. But... I promised myself that I wouldn’t get down on one knee again unless I was certain it was forever — and I want to tell you that you are my forever. You’re my forever. I have waited a really, really long time to tell you that I’m in love with you, more than you’ll ever know, and this whole experience and journey has been worth it, every step of the way. So, with all of that said, Courtney, will you marry me?”

Courtney: “Yes, of course I will. I love you so much. ... I will love you forever.”
Ben: “I will love you forever.”

Ben: “I’ve loved you for a long time.”
Courtney: “I love you forever. You’re stuck with me.”
Ben: “I’m OK with that. Believe me.”

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