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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Things We Want to See From Ricky Next Season on Secret Life of the American Teenager

We've come to know and love Ricky Underwood as Secret Life of the American Teenager's resident leather-clad bad boy, but times are a changin'.

Ricky's ready to give up the single life and settle down as a married man. He's replaced his addiction to sex for an addiction to Amy's meat sauce, and we can't wait to see what goes down when Secret Life returns on March 26.

Check out five things we want to see from The Rickster next season!

1. More Ab Flashes

Remember when Ricky flashed his assets at Amy while she lay on the bed basking in his glorious beauty? That moment sustained us for months, but we need our next six-pack fix stat. What happened to the good ol' days when Ricky would ride around in cars shirtless and save cheerleaders in distress?

2. More Sausage!

We love nothing more than when Ricky slips into a crisp mapron (man apron) and hangs at the butcher shop with his best friend: A link of sausage. This is literally the manliest job ever — only slightly edged out by "Professional Motorcyclist" — and Ricky needs to be in the thick of sausage city way more often. Not only does he look great in white, but all the best Secret Life dramz goes down in the butcher shop!

3. More Bromancing With Ben

Ben and Ricky used to be rivals (back when Ben tried to marry Amy when she was preggo with the fruit of Ricky's looms), but now they're joint at the hip. Sure, tensions rise between these studs when girls are involved, but they've grown close in the wake of Ben's tragedy, and now they're like brothers. We love this bromance and can't wait to see it blossom!

4. A Commitment to Amy

If Ricky gets cold feet at his wedding, meat sauce is going to hit the fan. This guy better not leave Amy at the alter — not only would it be too predictable, we couldn't stand to see this gal's heart broken again! Let's hope Ricky spends next season showing Amy just how happy he makes her by being the best boyfriend ever! By which we mean he should let her rub his hair coif. Nothing brings Ames greater joy.

5. A Stronger Bond With Nora

Ricky and his alcoholic mom have become closer, but he's a far cry from being a mommy's boy. If Ricky knows what's good for him, he'll buy himself and Nora matching outfits and enroll them in a mother-boy competition. Or something more normal, like a nice bottle of wine. Wait ....

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