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The Bachelor

Ali Fedotowsky: Ben Flajnik Didn’t Cheat on Courtney Robertson

On The Bachelor 16 “After the Final Rose” special, Ben Flajnik denied the rampant cheating rumors, swearing on his dad’s grave that he didn’t make out with other ladies while secretly engaged to Courtney Robertson. Not everyone believes him. In fact, Us Weekly is gunning pretty hard for the dude, alleging Ben is lying to his fiancée and viewers, while also disgracing his father’s name. Bachelorette alum Ali Fedotowsky chimes in on her Ladies’ Home Journal to defend poor Ben, arguing that he didn’t cheat and genuinely loves Courtney.

“I one hundred percent believe that Ben did not cheat on Courtney,” Ali writes, explaining her reasoning: “If he did, he would never swear on his father’s life that he didn’t. Regardless of what you think of Ben as the bachelor, he loves his father and would never lie and use his name in the same sentence.”


Ali’s feelings don’t stop there; she writes Ben’s teary onscreen breakdown really moved her. “Seeing Ben break down really broke my heart. You can tell that the negativity from the public has been very hard on him, and on Courtney too!” Ali, for her part, has received some backlash since splitting with fiancé Roberto Martinez last fall. “I do know what it’s like to have people say very negative things about you—it hurts, it’s confusing and it makes you question yourself.”

In light of the Bachelor finale, Ali asks the question on everyone’s mind: “Will Ben and Courtney make it? I have no idea. Ben and Courtney could honestly surprise us all and end up getting married! Or they could split next week. It’s not for us to judge, it’s for them to figure out.”

Luckily, we have it on pretty good word that Ben and Courtney are still happily engaged — and Courtney’s even moving in with him!

Source: Ladies’ Home Journal

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