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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16 Relationship Rumor Roundup: Lies! Cheating! Breakups! (Oh My!)

Rumors! They may not be good for the soul but they’re often good for a belly laugh. Bachelor Ben Flajnik has had the usual rough road (never) enjoyed by rose-givers, seeing himself fodder for a new tabloid story every week.

Most of those stories have included — or starred — Courtney Robertson. At this point, it would be a huge shock to everyone if he picked Lindzi Cox instead of Courtney. In a TV Guide interview this week, Rosemaster Chris Harrison said what actually happens in the finale and the "After the Final Rose" special is very different from what’s anticipated by the tabloids and fans. And since the tabs have focused on Ben cheating on Courtney and possibly breaking up with her, we may have to expect that’s (gasp!) not accurate. Here’s a rundown of some other rumors that may or may not be as valid as Bat Boy impregnating Snooki:

RUMOR: Report: Ben Flajnik Spotted Flirting With Multiple Women, Still "Acting Like a Bachelor"
Back in February, Ben was supposedly flirting with a bunch of women in New York City. A partygoer told Life & Style that Ben and his entourage of buddies were overheard bragging about their exploits from the night before, when Ben stayed out till 4 a.m. They kept up the partying in The Big Apple, and a witness said "[Ben] definitely still seems to be acting like a bachelor." Why can't he stay locked up in a convent like a normal 20-something-year-old engaged man!

RUMOR: Are Ben Flajnik and His Bachelor 16 Fiancee Still Together? (Sources Say No)
Mid-February, Life & Style dropped the rumor bomb that the relationship between Ben and his fiancee (not named in the story but understood through inference to be Courtney) had "fizzled." "They have totally cooled off," a source close to the winning woman said. "They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn't call her, he doesn't text. She keeps saying, 'What kind of a fiancé is this?' In her mind, he's pretty much dumped her." A source added that she thinks Ben is cheating on her. “She thinks he’s a coward. She wishes he’d just end it already — otherwise maybe she’ll do it herself.”

RUMOR: Spoiler! Reality Steve on Ben Flajnik and His Bachelor 16 Fiancee: “They’re Struggling”
During a Q&A session a few weeks ago, Spoiler King Reality Steve said Ben and Courtney were still engaged but "they're struggling" with everything that comes with being on the show (including the time apart once filming has wrapped). He also predicted that a break up could very well happen by the time the “After the Final Rose” special airs, for a number of reasons, but mainly because:

• Ben wants to be liked.
• No one will like Ben if he stays with Courtney.

But that's not true! We'd like Ben if he stays with Courtney. Why choose a fiancee by committee? Stick to your guns! Stand by your woman! Anyway, if Chris H. wants us to expect the unexpected, don't expect a breakup on the ATFR.

RUMOR: Did Ben Flajnik Cheat on His Bachelor Fiancee? Rep Says NO
Us Weekly claims Ben was recently caught cheated on his fiancee with three women in one weekend, spending the night with some, kissing others and grabbing at least one butt. A rep for Ben told Life & Style it's not true. Ben and his buddies have had fun poking fun at this rumor on Twitter and Ben even thanked Spoiler King Reality Steve when Steve tweeted, "I've had plenty of fun at @BenFlajnik expense this season as u know, but even I know the latest US Weekly rumors are garbage. Stupid.”

RUMOR: Was Courtney Coached to Cry? Is Ben Over Being The Bachelor? Unseen Moments From Women Tell All Season 16
The LA Times Show Tracker blog shared some behind-the-scenes moments at the "Women Tell All" special. According to the blog, Courtney was taking a break from The Attack of The Angry Mob when a Bachelor staffer came over to comfort her and try to calm her down. To quote the blog, Courtney said, "‘I’m not feeling very emotional anymore,’ she said, her tears dispersing. ‘You made me feel better. I appreciate it.’ Then, she began to worry about coming off as too cold: ‘I don’t know if I can show that emotion again,’ she fretted. ‘You have to,” the producer said. “This is for you. [Possible spoiler alert!] This is for you and Ben.’" So it sounds like Courtney was invited to the WTA — where no final two girl has gone before — specifically to give this apology and maybe win over a few new fans.

Also, after completing a round of interviews after the show, "Ben exhaled and went over to vent to a group of show insiders. 'One more of these [expletive] things and I'm done,' he said, likely referring to the then-impending 'After the Final Rose' taping. 'I have so many better things to do with my life.'" He probably did say something like that, since a viewer tweeted him on March 5, "ur 15 minutes of fame is almost over, enjoy!" and Ben replied "thank god." He does seem ready for all of this to be over. Can’t imagine why!

RUMOR: Ben says he picked the wrong woman
According to Reality Weekly (via CelebrityChatta), "a secret x-rated video ended his relationship as Ben confessed to a pal, “I picked the wrong woman.'"

RUMOR: Ben and Courtney broke up but reconciled
Us Weekly's latest B+C story claims Ben lied about his “cheating” to win Courtney back. It also reportedly has secrets from the After the Final Rose special. In their ATFR report (via CelebrityChatta), Ben will supposedly admit that he dumped Courtney three months after their November proposal, then reconciled with her just as Us Weekly caught him "cheating" with three other women. To quote the story, "At the taping, Robertson shakily said she felt 'abandoned' after Flajnik broke up with her around Feb. 7. 'I had bad days where I stayed in bed and cried.' Flajnik joined her onstage and insisted he wants to make the romance work: 'In the last couple of weeks we’ve been able to talk,' and plot a cover-up! On Feb. 29 when Us revealed Flajnik’s flirtations with other women, he confessed that Robertson’s visit to the Mark Zunino bridal shop in LA was a ploy, 'Once she saw the [Us] photos she wanted to…shift focus,' he said. 'What better way than to go shopping for wedding dresses.' For now the engagement is still on, both said."

Are you buying these rumors? It’s not like this is the first time that a Bachelor couple has broken up before even filming the ATFR — remember Brad Womack and Emily Maynard? Sure you do! The only difference is, the public was rooting for them to stay together. Kudos to Ben and Courtney if they do make it through this media storm.


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