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The Bachelor

Ben and Courtney: 5 Reasons Why They WILL Make It

Sure you can come out with several reasons why Bachelor 16 couple Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson won’t make it for the long haul. But take your skeptic shades off for a minute so that you can see that they’ve already given us reasons on why they could last. Here are 5 of them:

You can’t say he wasn’t “warned” enough about Courtney — even if the on-air warnings boil down to nothing more than sheer jealousy (thanks a lot, Darwin!). Ben does not care if a bunch of ex-girlfriends aren’t into Courtney. He doesn’t care if Chris Harrison isn’t into her. Hers is the face he’ll be waking up to every day, not ours.

Courtney is one of the only women who started the show saying she already liked Ben from The Bachelorette Season 7. And she didn’t just tell Ben, she told Access Hollywood in a pre-season interview. She had a crush on the guy — yeah, mostly for his hair, but she didn’t just like him because he was the one cast as the Bachelor or because she wanted to “win,” despite her famous catchphrase. And the fact that she’s said, on numerous occasions, that she’s there to date Ben, not make friends probably rubs people the wrong way but — it’s the truth! By the time we got to Episode 7, Courtney was frustrated with being cooped up with women who hate her (and vice versa) and just wanted to either have another date or go home. How was she supposed to start falling for a guy she never got private time with?

It’s the first move that made real-world sense (and it’s basically what eventual Season 10 winner Tessa Horst did by threatening to quit and making Andy Baldwin chase her) and yet people treated it like a shocking game play. It would’ve been phony if she kept that from Ben but she openly told him she lost the spark (babe). She told him the other ladies have been sucking her mojo, and she just wanted some classic Bachelor reassurance. She got it and they got back on track, and by the hometown dates episode, she was fully comfortable with telling him that she loved him (in an over-the-top mock wedding setting, but whatevs, it worked). And when she said Ben wasn’t the only guy in the world, the other ladies thought she meant for herself but she was really softening the landing for the other ladies.

Ben said he’s a strange guy and he likes that Courtney is also weird and unique. He was looking for an edgy, worldly girl and that was Courtney more than anyone else this season. We totally see Courtney getting along with Ben’s creepy alter ego Storm Horse, who raps about his X-rated “Cream Dreams.” The other women who were so SHOCKED by Courtney going native when the natives were going native and asked the women to go native with them would probably be shocked by Storm Horse, too. Courtney sometimes thinks she’s being funny when the rest of Bachelor Nation thinks she’s not, but Ben thinks at least one of her disses was a “sick burn” and isn’t that what matters most? She doesn’t just get along with Ben’s dog Scotch, she befriends tarantulas. Animals are often better judges of character than people so if Ben, Terry, and Ben’s dog Scotch like Courtney, everyone else can kick rocks.

She was the only woman to get Ben to show his bare bum to America. And he was nothing but googly eyes when he was around her this season. Though physical attraction isn’t the key to lasting love, it certainly makes things easier when you have to kiss-and-make-up with someone you actually want to kiss.

And it wasn’t just any bad press. It was rumors about him cheating. On her. As Ben revealed in the“After the Final Rose” special, when media outlets were having a field day over photos that looked like Ben was making out with different women and thus cheating on his Bachelor 16 fiancee, Courtney deflected some of the attention off of him by trying on wedding dresses. It did the trick! And though she was hurting from it all, she proved that she could stand by her man’s side — even in the even that he might not be standing by hers. (But that was for them to figure out on their own.)

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