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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik Defends Fiancee Courtney Robertson, Calls The Bachelor “A Blip” That Will Not Define Him

The last stop on Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor train is the new cover of People Magazine, where he will be featured with his fiancee Courtney Robertson.

Ben continued to defend his “controversial” Season 16 finale choice — adding that Courtney’s decision to challenge the common-sense-defying Bachelor process was a mark in her favor.

"She was one of the only girls on the show that questioned the experience and that's what I found attractive about her – and I still do,” Ben told People. “Courtney was always like, 'I've only been on two dates with you, why should I bring you home? My family is really important to me.' It was like finally, someone who asks the right questions instead of [saying], 'My family is going to love you and it's going to be wonderful and we could be married for the rest of our lives.'”

It does seem like someone who asks real-world questions should be considered practical and smart instead of just wanting to “win.” (Damn you, Charlie Sheen, for leading her down that foolish and misleading “Winning” path!)

Ben also told People he and Courtney “will be fine,” despite already having broken up once and continuing to feel the wrath of a disapproving fan base. "Maybe someday people will get behind us, but for now we work really well together," Ben said. "The Bachelor will not define me as a person. This will be a blip in a few years."

Source: People

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03.14.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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