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Gossip Girl’s Kaylee DeFer Says Chuck and Blair “Have” to Get Back Together

First there were the photos, then the flirty video, and now this scoop straight from a cast member’s mouth! Could it be true? Are Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) heading for an official onscreen reunion in Gossip Girl Season 5?

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Kaylee DeFer (Ivy Dickens) tells Hollywood Life, “I think they have to, I think they have to for the sake of the fans.” Okay, so that’s not exactly an official announcement. After all, Blair and Dan Humphrey(Penn Badgley) still have to get their awkward sex frolicking out of the way in Season 5, Episode 18: “Con-Heir.” Stay tuned, Chair fans; not all hope is lost.

When she’s not filming scenes for Gossip Girl or pining for a Chair reunion, Kaylee hangs out with Leighton in her downtime. Leighton couldn’t be more different from Blair Waldorf, Kaylee says. “She’s a blast, really mellow, low key, not a frou frou girl. Rolled up in sweats, a t-shirt, she likes to be really comfortable.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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