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Pretty Little Liars

Who Would Be the Most Shocking ”A” on Pretty Little Liars?

In a recent interview, Janel (Mona Vanderwall) told Wetpaint Entertainment she was "shocked" when she found out who "A" was, and she's not the first Pretty Little Liars cast member to say something like that.

We've been speculating for ages about who "A" will be based on hints dropped during the show. But that comment got us thinking — forget hints, forget logic: Who would we be most shocked to find out was "A"? Of course, after thinking, we came up with a list.

We're not saying we think these people are going to be "A." In some cases, we think it's basically impossible based on what we've seen. But our minds would be blown and the show would be turned completely upside down if one of these people turned out to be the evil stalker.

1. One of the Little Liars: We've speculated about this before, but generally we think it's really unlikely. However, it would be the biggest twist imaginable if the enemy were within the group.

2. Ezra: We've considered Ezra (Ian Harding) as an "A" candidate before, but just because we've thought about it doesn't mean it wouldn't shock us. We find it hard to believe that Marlene King would mess with his epic romance with Aria (Lucy Hale), even if she refuses to say he's definitely innocent.

3. Ella Montgomery: Why would Ella (Holly Marie Combs) possibly want to harass her daughter and her daughter's friends? It would be absolutely insane if she turned out to be "A."

4. Caleb: Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) has been nothing but amazing to Hanna (Ashley Benson), and he even helped the Liars crack "A"'s phone. We suppose it's possible that he's playing a deep con, feeding the liars only the videos "A" wants them to see, but we doubt it. If Caleb turns out to be "A," "surprised" won't even begin to cover our reaction.

5. Ashley Marin: Ashley (Laura Leighton) has been such a fierce defender of her daughter, and "A" has threatened their family more than anyone, so it would blow our minds if she were really behind it all. Hanna's dad, on the other hand... No, we'd be pretty shocked by that, too, honestly.

6. Jason: We used to be very suspicious of Jason's (Drew Van Acker) involvement in Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) death, but he's grown on us during the winter season. While we're still not sure if he's shared everything he knows about Ali, it would blow our minds if he was the one harassing his own sister.

7. Emily's parents: Emily's (Shay Mitchell) mom may have trouble wrapping her head around Emily's sexuality, but we can't imagine that either of the Fields is capable of the kind of sustained cruelty it takes to be "A."

What do you think?