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True Blood

10 Behind-the-Scenes True Blood Fun Facts!

We love getting our fangs in some juicy scoop from our favorite shows, so we’ve rounded up 10 fun behind-the-scenes facts about the making of True Blood to whet your appetite. Just don’t get so thirsty for more that you bite your boyfriend’s neck. Believe us, he won’t understand.

1. The location that the set designers used for Lou Pine's is the same as the organic restaurant owned by Paul (Mark Ruffalo) in The Kids Are All Right. Don’t be grossed out, Mark — V is totally organic!

2. There were 86 costume changes in episode 401. We have no idea how this is even possible, considering that everyone is naked all the time.

3. It took 100 yards of fabric to make Maryann’s wedding gown in season two! Too bad it got ruined when she impaled herself on that bull horn.

4. There’s a picture of Alan Ball’s mom, dad, and brothers on top of the piano in Sookie’s house. Alan just wants to give his family a front row look at all the murders and bloody sex that goes down in Gran’s living room.

5. The True Blood transportation department owns three of Sookie’s yellow Hondas. One is used when she’s driving around Bon Temps, one is used on a “process trailer” (where the car is towed behind a truck for scenes with dialogue), and the third is used for stunts.

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6. The exteriors for Russell and Talbot’s beautiful mansion were filmed on location at Longwood mansion in Natchez, Mississippi. Wonder how many tourists show up there hoping for a love bite?

7. Ian Somerhalder auditioned for True Blood but didn’t get the part. Apparently he just really wanted to play a vamp, because now he’s sucking teenage girl blood over on The Vampire Diaries.

8. Russell’s mansion is filled with pieces of Waterford crystal because the owners of the company are huge fans of the show. And yes, Russell carried around Talbot’s remains in a piece of Waterford. Only the best for Tata.

9. When we first meet Sookie’s Gran, she’s reading Last Scene Alive by Charlaine Harris. Honestly, we’re surprised that Bon Temps even has a bookstore.

10. The yellow dress that Sookie lends to Jessica when she visits her parents is the same one that Sookie wore when she and Bill got down and dirty in the cemetery. Let’s hope to God she washed it first.

Source: Paper Blog, Inside True Blood

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