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The Bachelor

Bachelor Alums: Lindzi Cox Is “Comical, True, and Classy” — Exclusive

We may have said goodbye to Lindzi Cox on The Bachelor 16 finale, but many in Bachelor Nation hope we see her in the mansion again soon.

Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) respects Lindzi enormously. “I think [she] had the classiest departure of all final two Bachelor and Bachelorettes in the history of the show. I know a lot of people gave her problems for not crying, but not everyone cries! I wouldn't have either. I think she was comical, true, and classy! You go girl! She sure won't have problems grabbing a hot date now.” Guys are probably already lining up (and we hope that sleazy ex-boyfriend is staying far away from her).

So, with Lindzi out of the picture, is Courtney the future Mrs. Ben Flajnik? If the proposal is any indication, probably not, Jessie says. “The proposal was lame to me. I feel a proposal should be heartfelt and I felt like all he said was ‘Will you Marry Me?’ in a robotic tone. I was hoping for more of a speech! And then all she could do was laugh. The backdrop and setting was outstanding...but no substance from Ben and Courtney.” Jesse Csincsak agrees; “Weakest proposal and reaction to a proposal to date.”

Okay, so underwhelming proposal aside; will they make it? The alums are majorly skeptical about Ben and Courtney’s future. For one thing, says Jesse, “Ben didn’t get to know and meet the real Courtney until [ATFR] and it showed!” Plus, according to Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4), “They both seem to really love the limelight... as soon as someone better looking/more famous/richer gives either one of these two attention, I think it'll be over.”

Jessie thinks it’s clear this was too much pressure for Ben. “If he left her during airing, wait until the next rough patch comes and he will go running. I think this whole experience was too much for him. He's a simple, laid back dude that doesn't fit the spotlight. It's so awkward to watch.”

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