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The Bachelor

Dave Good: Courtney Robertson Is Out of Ben Flajnik’s “Hotness Range” — Exclusive

Ben Flajnik fell for quirky Arizona model Courtney Robertson early in The Bachelor Season 16, seemingly delighted by her “weird” sense of humor and spontaneity. Not everyone was delighted by Courtney’s humor, however, and the girls soon turned against her. Even the official ABC promos for the finale pitched “Good” vs. Courtney. Yeah, okay, so we get the girls don’t like her — but what about the guys in Bachelor Nation? Bachelorette alum Dave Good weighs in on whether Courtney’s charm would have won him over if he were in Ben’s place.

Dave says, “Courtney would not be able to pull that off on me. Nothing I say here is gonna win me any points, but I normally speak in facts and truths.” Here’s Dave’s summary of how and why Courtney won Ben over:

“Ben is a dorky kind of guy and not exactly Brad Pitt. He made that dorky video most of you have seen, "cream dreams," which is so embarrassing I get sweaty palms watching it, but this is the kind of guy he is. Great dude! Nice person but that’s not what we are talking about here, so stop getting defensive, I can feel it already. He probably has not had the chance to get with someone as beautiful as Courtney in his life. (Yes, she is hot...)

You can see the way he changes around her and is infatuated with her beauty. I have seen this a million times, when a guy gets a girl that is out of his normal range of hotness. SO what you get is what you just saw: A guy that does not see what is going on around him and falls victim to her, and she can literally control him. Once he got a taste of that skinny dipping, I called it and said you can END THE SHOW NOW. Turns out... I was right on.”


Dave continues to explain that he’s had his share of beautiful women because his “tough guy / bad boy thing” attracts this “kind” of woman “like flies.” Which isn’t always a good thing, Dave adds, but it’s given him the experience needed to spot manipulation: “I have seen all the games and can spot them from a mile away.” Dave would have sent Courtney home “a long time ago” if he “really wanted to find love,” he explains.

If love wasn’t the end goal, Dave says, “I would have kept [Courtney] around until the final 3, just for fun,” because girls “like that” are fun for the guy if “you’re not going to date them.”

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