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Glee’s Kurt: Has He Completely Changed the Face of Gay Teens on TV?

It’s easy to watch Glee’s Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) week after week – supporting his pals, acting cute with his boyfriend, simply killing it at a most recent solo – without thinking about all that he’s overcome to get to this point. Kurt has an effortless charm, a winning smile, and a killer attitude about everything – but his place in the pop culture lexicon has been no quick, easy feat!

That’s why we’re lovin’ a piece by the folks over at Crushable which posits that Kurt has almost singlehandedly changed the face of LGBT youth on TV.

“Through a mixture of Ryan Murphy’s power, more open-mindedness in the 2000s, and a heartbreaking portrayal from this 21-year-old actor, Chris has given LGBT teenage characters much greater visibility on TV,” the site says. “He elevates all who come after him beyond their sexual orientation and makes their plotlines matter just as much as their straight co-stars.”

Pointing to his earlier compatriots in the movement – Ricky on My So-Called Life and Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Crushable says what makes Kurt special is that his story began in a much more compelling place than those that came before him. “While characters like Willow grow into their sexuality, Kurt arrives fully-formed. From the beginning, he’s valued for his effeminate qualities. Since the pilot, he’s proudly shown off his signature fashion sense and bluntness with his fellow outcasts.”

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It also helps that Kurt is one of the central characters on Glee. “Kurt’s interests are front-and-center. Every episode has at least an update on his relationship, his quest to get out of Lima, and new song for him to sing. By contrast, only diehard My So-Called Life fans would be able to tell you what Ricky was up to each episode.”

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What’s more, the success of Kurt’s has lead Glee to introduced even more beloved characters facing similar struggles. “If Kurt hadn’t touched so many people, do you really think that Ryan Murphy would have been able to introduce other queer protagonists Blaine, Karofsky, and especially Santana to such overwhelming support?” the site asks.

Kurt Hummel isn’t just a character, he’s starting a movement. He’s changing the way gay teens are viewed on TV, and the world has started to take note. Read more of the praise for “trendsetter” Kurt Hummel and his real-life counterpart Chris Colfer over at Crushable.

Hit us in the comments with the impact Kurt and Chris have had on YOU!

Source: Crushable

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03.15.2012 / 05:30 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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