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Happy Pi Day! Here Are Some of Our Favorite Fictional Scientists on TV Right Now

It’s March 14, which makes it Pi Day. (3.14, get it?) You can celebrate Pi Day by baking or memorizing the digits in the famous number, which is what we’d like to think TV’s smartest characters would do. Check out our list of some of our favorite M.D.s and PhDs on television right now. (Special shout out to Lisa Simpson: “Cross my heart and hope to die, here are the digits that make pi: 3.141592…”) Nerd on.

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Peter Bishop, Fringe

When things get as crazy as they do with parallel universes, Peter proves you don’t need an advanced degree to drop the science (or teach college chemistry — provided you don’t get caught).

Dexter Morgan, Dexter

We can’t stress this enough: If you’re going to become a murderer with a moral code and not get caught, you need to learn the particulars of blood splatter. It’s served forensic scientist Dexter Morgan well, at least so far...

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

With a baffling amount of degrees, theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) seems impossible to live with (his OCD alone would be nerve-wracking), but there’s no denying we’d like to stand next to him at a party and overhear all his zingers — as long as they’re not directed at us.

Dr. Watson, Sherlock

The only one who can put up with the egomaniacal Sherlock, Dr. Watson — with his dry wit — is the perfect foil to the detective’s mania.

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Temperance Brennan, Bones

Though a bit robotic in her personal relationships, forensic anthropologist Bones (Emily Deschanel) has no problem proving why she’s the smartest one in the room. Somehow, we doubt motherhood will change that.

Gregory House, House

Irascible but brilliant, House (Hugh Laurie) is the reason an overused formula (41 minutes of problem, 1 minute of solution) still feels fresh. So what if “diagnostician” isn’t a real thing? At least now we know what lupus is (and isn’t).

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Walter White, Breaking Bad

As a chemistry teacher turned meth maker, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is definitely using his scientific prowess for good instead of evil. Although it’s making him more and more unlikable, he’s still one of the best characters on TV.

Abby Sciuto, NCIS

We may not always agree with her goth fashion choices, but forensic specialist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) holds down the female scientist fort pretty well at the Navy Yard.

Everyone, Eureka

Pretty much everyone in this town is a certified genius, conducting high-tech experiments. Ah, we’ll miss this show.

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