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Peter Vack Spills on the Final Four Episodes of I Just Want My Pants Back’s Freshman Season: Will the Pants Thief Return? – Exclusive

While the title I Just Want My Pants Back implies a hybrid of Dude, Where’s My Car? and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it’s become obvious that MTV’s newest scripted series is more Reality Bites than a quest for missing denim.

While we were introduced to Jason (Peter Vack), Tina (Kim Shaw), Stacey (Elisabeth Hower), and Eric (Jordan Carlos) as a result of that ill-fated night, when Jason’s jeans walked out the door on a beautiful girl he hasn’t heard from since, the gang and their post-college struggles are now the focus of the show.

Although their adventures have so far been mostly comedic, the last four episodes will shake the cast to the core. We caught up with Peter Vack to find out what we can expect from the remaining episodes, and whether or not he’ll ever get his pants back. Read on to find out.

Wetpaint Entertainment: The last four episodes seem intense. Is pants girl coming back?

Peter Vack: Absolutely, she comes back. These last four episodes are going to be really exciting because the heat really turns up on the characters. I think what's cool about Pants is that the first half of the season was funny and light, but the second half of the season, it gets deep.

We’ll see how things resolve with Jane [pants girl]. And there's a lot of drama with Tina and the men in her life. And Stacey and Eric go through a major life crisis. I think these last four episodes are going to rock. Everyone's just going to be surprised and hopefully wanting more.

Let's take it in increments. Your character is in a relationship right now, but we’ve seen him implode before when he sees Jane. Where does that leave Ness?

Jason, right now, is kind of looking at a stab at his first adult relationship. She's very cool. She's interesting. But we've been down that path before [with Jane]. It's going to be a bumpy road. It's funny.

Then, Tina and her new boy — or should we say man — what can we expect?

Well, it's Tina, so you really don't know what to expect at any moment. I mean, anything can happen with her. But she meets this guy, Paul, and at first they have this adversarial relationship, but that does become romantic. And he's the opposite of who you'd imagine Tina to be with. I mean he's a clean-cut, professional-type guy. Also, we have yet to see Tina in something that's not totally frivolous, like with Brett [editors note: or tonight’s episode with Green Day cover band guy]. So it will be interesting to see how she deals with something that's maybe a little more weighty than her past relationships.

You mentioned that Stacey and Eric go through a rough patch? What's that about?

It has to do with Eric having a major crisis of identity. That feeling that he may not be able on the right path really rocks the foundation of their relationship, of course, because they are people who define themselves by the fact that they are on a very professional, very straight-laced path.

And I think part of the reason that Stacey is in this relationship is because she sees her future as these two professional people. And I think they both just wonder about their relationship and where their lives are going. I mean the series will end with a lot of interesting questions. I think it's going to be exciting for people to see what happens.

Will we get a cliffhanger?

I mean, yeah.

What’s the big cliffhanger?

All the characters definitely find themselves at a crossroads in their life. Everyone’s at the point of decision and we'll see what decisions they make. They're still on that track to try to figure it all out: Get the Pants back. Get the girl. Solidify their identity. Forge ahead in this crazy thing we call life.

So the pants will still be missing at the end of Season 1?

I think those pants are gone forever. We will meet Jane in the finale, and believe me, the pants are discussed. But I don't know if we'll ever get them back. He can always hope.

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