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What Is the Castle Season 4 Finale Cliffhanger? Here Are 5 Theories

As much as we hate to think about Castle Season 4 drawing to a close, all the scoop we’ve heard about the finale eppy kind of makes us anxious for it. (OK, maybe anxious isn’t the word. Maybe more like … curious. And enthralled.)

Here’s what we know about the finale so far:

Tamala Jones, who plays sassy medical examiner Lanie Parish, recently told Wetpaint Entertainment the Season 4 finale is a “jaw-dopper” and, like in years past, a definite “cliffhanger.”

“It’s all going to add up to this big boom. That’s all I can say, like, “Boom. In your face. Yes, we did it again. We got you, and we’re going to have you hanging on to the next season,” she said.

“If you thought last season’s ending was crazy, wait until you get a load of this one.

Whew! Well, with that out in the open, the only thing left for us to do is speculate about what said cliffhanger could entail. Is someone going to die? Is a massive secret going to be revealed? Will Kate and Rick finally hop into bed? Oh, the possibilities!

So, without further ado, here are five juicy possible cliffhangers for the Castle Season 4 finale. Bon appetit!

5. Castle’s Place is Blown Up!

Tamala dished that in addition to an emotional explosion, there’s also an IRL one.

Here’s how we see it: When the "dragon" becomes aware Castle’s been investigating his involvement with Johanna Beckett's murder, he goes on an intense hunt for him and Beckett. So, Castle is forced to tell his lover what he’s been up to an episode or two before the finale. And then, in the final moments of the finale, Castle and Beckett are mulling over evidence — including some massive breakthroughs in the case— and trying to work through their own issues in Castle’s loft, only to have it blown to bits.

Will they make it out alive? And will the the game-changing evidence he’s collected survive?

4. … And Alexis Is Injured!

Just so she doesn’t actually have to go away to college, of course.

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3. Mr. Smith is Castle’s Dad!

The mysterious man Monty sent his files to has already cropped up unexpectedly once this season, but after learning from sassy CIA agent Sophia Turner that Castle’s dad is also linked to the agency, some fans seem convinced the ominous Mr. Smith is actually Castle’s pops. Could it be?

2. Castle’s Dad Ordered Johanna Beckett’s Murder!

This may be a stretch, but wouldn’t it be crazy if Castle’s dad (whether he’s Mr. Smith or somebody else entirely — preferably played by Christopher Walken) was the one behind the murder of Kate’s mom, Johanna?

Perhaps this is what Castle uncovers in the episodes leading up to the finale, and decides to share with his detective darling in the final seconds of the finale. Naturally, Kate then tells Castle she doesn’t know if she can forgive him for the atrocity — even though it’s not technically his fault — and the screen fades to black.

1. Castle and Beckett Share Their First Real Kiss! Er, Almost.

With their scandalous secrets out of the way, Rick and Kate (doesn’t that sound much more romantic than “Castle and Beckett,” BTW?) realize they can no longer deny their feelings. As Rick leans in to give Kate the passionate lipsmacker we’ve all been dying for, we barely see their juicy lips press up against each other before the scene ends.

Or, even better, maybe the smooch happens right before Castle’s loft explodes into flames?

Can’t wait to find out what really happens? Share your own predictions in the comments and be sure to tune into the Castle Season 4 finale on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Only six episodes to go!

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