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Jersey Shore

What to Expect on the Jersey Shore Season 5 Finale: “We Are Family”

Say it ain’t so, MTV! Could this really be the last episode of Jersey Shore ever? Snooki’s pregnancy has been good news for las famiglias Polizzi and LaValle, but it might not be the best news for Jersey Shore fans. Make sure to savor every G, every T, and every L on tonight’s Season 5 finale (Season 5, Episode 11: “We Are Family”), because they may be our last. Here’s what to expect:

Vinny Smushes Lesbians With His Tongue. In this sneak peek, Vinny brags that he’s finally going to do the impossible: smush with two lesbians. Judging from the clip, as we’ve said, it looks like his best chance of actually inserting himself into the menage is to jab his tongue in between the two blondes’ faces. Good luck!

Vinny & Pauly D’s Prank: The Aftermath. Even if you thought the visual of partners-in-pranking Vinny and Pauly D sitting in their mini-pool was less than charming (unlike us, who found it adorable), there’s another prank on the way. Examiner reports that there is still one more prank on the way from everyone’s favorite bromantic buddies.

Pauly D Will Wake Up, Yeah. In this sneak peek, the gang gets a final wake-up call from everyone’s favorite alarm clock, Pauly D. Given that this may be the very last time we watch Pauly annoy the amazing eight, it’s far less annoying than usual.

Stormy Skies Ahead. Remember Hurricane Irene? So does the cast of Jersey Shore. Examiner reports that all the castmates spent their last weekend at the Jersey Shore (maybe ever) together during Hurricane Irene, which “made things interesting” for the guidos and guidettes. Will Deena Nicole flying away on an inflatable pool qualify as “interesting”?

The Situation Starts a New Rumor. Now that his primary Season 5 mission has been accomplished — telling Jionni “the truth” about hooking up with his wife-to-be, which resulted in yawns and eye-rolls from everyone involved — The Situation is rumored to have moved on to Deena Nicole. According to Examiner, “This time he starts a rumor about Deena’s sister — who had been seeing his brother.” We’re ecstatic if this means hearing the heavily accented Joanie on the duck phone again!

Catch the Jersey Shore Season 5 finale tonight, March 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Sources: MTV, Examiner

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