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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Bad Behavior Alert: Are You Team Peter or Team Malorie?

It's no secret that Cynthia Bailey's husband and sister don't get along. Ever since Malorie tried to sabotage the couple's wedding last year, Peter's been less than thrilled with his sis-in-law.

Meanwhile, Malorie thinks that Peter is too controlling and that he's taking advantage of Cynthia financially. She claims that she's just looking out for her sister, but she can't seem to accept that Cynthia loves Peter and wants to be with him.

Fast-forward to Peter and Cynthia's one-year anniversary party and not much has changed. Minutes before Cynthia makes her entrance, Malorie tells her sister how shocked she is that her marriage lasted a year and that she thinks Peter is controlling. By the end of the night, Malorie makes a huge scene, leaving the event in tears, and effectively ruining the evening.

Of course, Peter's no angel either. Right before Malorie's dramatic exit, he eggs her on by calling everyone to gather around except for Malorie because she's a hater. He then toasts to friends, family... and Malorie.

Did he push her too far or did she deserve the haterade? Vote in our poll!

03.16.2012 / 12:34 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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