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Glee Spoilers: Skank Alert! Casting Underway for Punk and Goth Teens

Update: New on-set photos give more insight into what exactly these kids are doing on Glee!

As if we weren’t nervous enough about what’s to become of Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) in Glee’s ever-evolving upcoming fourth season, all the hints we’re gettin’ of her life post-accident/post-hiatus just cause another lump to form in our throats! The wheelchair photos! The vague answers from Dianna herself! It’s all too much…

Now, a new spoiler from E! Online may indicate even more trouble for Q!

Word from those supa-busy Glee casting folks is that they are looking for a “big group of high school students that have a ‘punk,’ ‘goth,’ and ‘metal’ look to them.” E! speculates that this could indicate a move back to Quinn’s rough ‘n’ tumble days of Quinn the Skank in early season three – the pink hair, the hard(er) livin’ – but we’re not totally convinced just yet…

After all, Quinn looks totally normal in the wheelchair shots, and she’s supposed to be BFF with Rachel (Lea Michele)! And there’s Yale to keep in mind! And, and, and… Are we wishful-thinkin’ this one into oblivion?

And on the other hand, what else would this crew of social misfits be needed for? Visions of some very strange musical numbers are dancing in our heads…

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Source: E! Online

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03.16.2012 / 01:55 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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