Secret Circle Spoilers: Are Cassie and Adam Officially Dating?
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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoilers: Are Cassie and Adam Officially Dating?

Last time we checked on The Secret Circle's star-crossed lovers, they were knee-deep in a makeout session. But we're confused — are Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) officially dating, or are they just fooling around?

"In [this week's new episode] 'Lucky,' we're definitely together, but there are situations in the episode that are already challenging for us, arguments about parental history, and it's interesting to already have a situation challenge us when we're such a new couple," Thomas Dekker tells The Huffington Post. "And in the following episode, you find out more about the 'written in the stars' destiny of our families and what that really means."

Britt Robertson adds, "They’re dealing with very mundane issues that everyone goes through — it’s a very normal relationship. And then the supernatural aspects have their effect on their relationship as well."

Speaking of supernatural, remember that time Adam was possessed by demons and slit his wrist? Boyfriend definitely has a dark side, and we'll see more of it in the weeks to come. "Adam goes through big changes coming up, which has been very exciting," Thomas explains. "He’s been kind of the rock of the show, very still and informative, and in the next couple episodes, his relationship with Cassie takes this really interesting shift for him, and you get to see the different colors that were maybe there before she got to town." The return of emo Adam?

Meanwhile, Cassie will be distracted by the arrival of her pops, the source of all evil (otherwise known as John Blackwell). "He’s been very generous with his feelings for her and just trying to be there for all the years that he hasn’t been," Britt says. "I think that’s really encouraging her to try and build a relationship with him. I think you’ll see that relationship continue to blossom as long as he continues to be the way that he is."

Sigh, Cassie's so lucky to have a great dad. Unlike her other boy-toy, Jake (Chris Zylka) — who's looking for bromance in all the wrong places. "Since Isaac has left and there’s not really that father figure that Jake seems to strive so hard to [find] to fill that empty space, Blackwell’s kind of taken that role on," Chris Zylka explains. "Whether or not he’s setting us up or doing good by us, Jake doesn’t care because he has that void filled for the time being."

Poor Jake just wants a hug. Sob!

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Source: The Huffington Post

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