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The Secret Circle

Which Brothers Are Hotter: Supernatural’s Winchesters or The Secret Circle’s Armstrongs?

The only thing better than one double-damaged stud? Two double-damaged studs who share the same gene pool that includes floppy hair and six-packs! The CW must be the luckiest network ever because they have the hottest magical brothers on TV, and it's time for two pairs to go bicep-to-bicep.

The Secret Circle is home to Jake (Chris Zylka) and Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), a duo of man-witches who lurk in shadows wearing tank tops and chain necklaces. Bad-boy behavior practically oozes out of their pours, and both of them are completely tragic. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell by their last name: Their arms are strong. Of course, Nick's currently six-feet under, but we live in a world of denial where hot men never die.

Then there's Supernatural, where Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) reside: two dangerously attractive brothers who wander the backwoods of America killing paranormal demons and being extremely angsty while doing so. These boys are plagued by their traumatic past — but instead of talking to a therapist, they bottle up their feelings and wear tons of flannel. Oh, and did we mention how good-looking they are? One might even call them supernaturally hunky....

Which pair of badass bros do you prefer?

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