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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3: Alums Weigh In On “Newbie” Casting — Exclusive

ABC is certainly shaking things up by throwing non-Bachelor/ette alum into the mansion for Bachelor Pad 3! Chris Harrison made the surprise announcement on The Bachelor Season 16: “After The Final Rose” and we couldn’t wait to hear what our favorite Bachelor Pad alums had to say about the casting changeup.

Bachelor Pad 3: Alums Weigh In On “Newbie” Casting — Exclusive
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Jessie Sulidis is wary of the idea. “It's going to be unfair to the newbies. Besides, this was meant for past cast so it doesn't really make sense. It's so tough already entering the house not knowing many people like I did, so it will almost be impossible for these newbies.”

Bachelor Pad Season 1 co-winner Natalie Getz also isn’t sold on the idea of a new person joining the cast. “I think it's a bit odd that they are casting non-Bachelor alum to be on the show,” she explains. “Bachelor Pad is very different than Road Rules, Real World, and Survivor — in the fact that it's still more about dating and love versus a competition.”

Bachelor Pad 3: Alums Weigh In On “Newbie” Casting — Exclusive

Bachelor Pad 2 head judge Erica Rose initially wasn’t too pleased about Chris’ announcement, but now sees the appeal. “At first I didn't like the idea of new people moving into the Pad, but now I think that it's a good idea because that will prevent people from forming alliances ahead of time as much as they did during BP2. It will shake things up in a good way!”

Jackie Gordon (BP2) is also in favor of fresh faces. “I actually am looking forward to having some fresh meat on the Bachelor Pad next season. I think it will spice things up a bit and definitely change the game,” she says. Like Erica, Jackie also thinks this change could lead to a fairer game, “maybe even level the playing field a bit in terms of who comes out on top.”

Bachelor Pad 3: Alums Weigh In On “Newbie” Casting — Exclusive
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images    

The Pad alums also have their hopes for which Bachelor/ette alums will make the cut for BP3. Natalie has her hopes set on one particular Bachelorette: “I would love to see Jillian Harris in the mix! In that case, if she did it, I'd want to go on as well so I can have some vacation time with my pal. :)”

Erica isn’t hoping for Jillian’s return, but close… “I think that Ed - Jillian's ex - would be cool to see on BP3 because he seems like a player who will stir things up a bit,” says Erica. “It will be way more fun to have a bad boy around than some of the good boys from BP2 who were honestly boring and not that sexy! Sorry boys, but I don't feel bad for calling y'all out since most of you threw eggs at me. ;)”

Bachelor Pad 3: Alums Weigh In On “Newbie” Casting — Exclusive
Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Considering the drama that unfolded this season, we won’t be surprised if several of Ben Flajnik’s Bachelorettes wind up in the Pad. Jessie said she would like to see Jenna, Kacie B., Rachel, and Elyse on the next season. Not runner-up Lindzi Cox? Lindzi has alluded she would be interested in returning to the mansion, but Jessie thinks, “Lindzi and Nicki are too classy and mature in their lives for this show!”

We can’t wait to find out who is in store for the Pad next season. But, while we wait for ABC to announce the official cast, something to consider about shaking up the cast with newbies next season: “From these ‘outsiders’ joining the cast, we may see some reverse casting,” Jackie suggests. “Perhaps they will take some people from Bachelor Pad to bring onto future seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, which could be fun.”

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