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Bones Spoilers: New Birth Details! Which Unexpected Character Will Deliver the Baby?

Like the Cloverfield monster shedding its terrifying little babies, the PaleyFest conflagration of Bones spoilers last week has set the stage for a steady leak of mini-spoilers regarding our favorite procedural. And as you can imagine, a lot of the stuff coming out has to do with baby Christine Angela Booth, who will make her debut this coming April.

Remember when we predicted that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will give birth in a stable? Well, it looks like we were right on the money: “[t]hey end up not making it to the hospital,” Deschanel herself reports of upcoming episode 7, and TV Guide specifies that “[b]aby daddy Booth [David Boreanaz] plays doctor, delivering their daughter in a stable, of all places.”

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So wait — Booth’s going to be a doctor now? He really is a jack of all trades, huh?

Of course, Emily has a wealth of experience to draw from when it comes to acting out a baby-delivery scene. On the other hand, though, it turns out that Emily’s real-life and TV deliveries have some notable disparities between them. “While Brennan screams,” Deschanel divulges, “I barely made noise during my birth. The only similarity is that neither one of us took drugs.”

A natural birth sans screaming?! Color us shocked! Maybe there’s something to that vegan lifestyle after all...

Source: TV Guide

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