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Jersey Shore

Deena Defends Her Sister Joanie, Says Mike’s Sex Claim Was ”Not True”

Remember during the Jersey Shore Season 5 finale when The Situation was caught running his mouth about the dirty details of his brother Frank and Deena Nicole’s sister Joanie’s sex life? Well, now Deena is saying that Mike was lying all along.

“Mike should have never made up rumors about my sister that we're [sic] never true,” Deena tweeted during the finale. “Or talk badly about my family.”

During the episode, Mike made a reference to a sex act that Joanie allegedly performed on his brother, calling it a “special talent” that is only bestowed on “the chosen ones.” The details of what exactly that sex act was were never revealed (MTV bleeped out almost the entire conversation) but it definitely involved something gross enough for Deena to get offended.

Either way, it looks like Deena is still pissed at Mike for stirring the pot. We’re guessing that Frank and Jonaie are no longer an item?

Catch the reunion special for Jersey Shore on Thursday, March 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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