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America's Next Top Model

Is Kelly Cutrone the Worst Judge in ANTM History?

If all publicity is truly good publicity then maybe Kelly Cutrone is just doing her job, giving America's Next Top Model viewers something to talk about on Cycle 18. ANTM probably hired the PR maven for her blunt assessments and no-nonsense attitude and that's exactly what viewers got on Episode 3: "Cat Deeley" when modelstant Louise Watts clashed with the entire judges' panel, but mostly Kelly, leading to the British model’s dramatic walk out.

Veteran ANTM recapper Rich Juzwiak of The Daily said he is now over the show and confirmed it after Cycle 18's "dreadful" premiere. He wrote a review for The Daily and tweeted a link with the note, "Kelly Cutrone is the worst thing about the already bad ANTM: British Invasion." Kelly saw it and tweeted "@richjuz is the worst thing about The Daily - he's a faker and a hater - the day the Daily makes TV careers is the day I will give a f-ck about his so-called writing."

Hmm. We're no PR mavens, but when you send off an angry tweet like that it kind of sounds like you *do* care about the person's so-called writing. It launched a back-and-forth Twitter war between the two, with Kelly mocking Rich’s apparently paltry number of Twitter followers. Interestingly enough, one of Rich's complaints from the premiere was that Kelly was "virtually lifeless, delivering flat line after flat line in a chat forum that demands animation." Now the arguments seem to be less that Kelly is lifeless than just rude and condescending.

Off the show, Kelly told Life & Style that Louise was “inappropriate and ignorant” on set. After Louise’s parting shot that she wanted to knock Kelly out, Kelly told Life & Style Louise should watch out 'cause she'll send her PR friends to take the model down. On that note, Kelly also released a 44-second video response against Louise where she was flanked by her PR flunkies and literally had them speak the Louise insults for her. It's like a catty scene out of Mean Girls. Isn’t Kelly supposed to be the professional? Why not take the high road instead of going even lower?

Fan reaction to her has also been mixed. Sixty-seven percent of readers sided with Louise in the Kelly vs. Louise battle. Fans on our ANTM Facebook page have flooded us with comments, saying that ANTM should get rid of her for being, as they call it, “rude,” “unprofessional,” and “arrogant.” Just check out the comments on this post — people don’t like Kelly!

But at least we're talking about her, so did ANTM make a good decision to hire Kelly as a judge — she seems to be giving them what they wanted — or are you not liking the results so far?

Catch the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, March 21 at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW.

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03.17.2012 / 12:42 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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