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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Season 5: The 7 Most Obnoxious Examples of Producer Interference

Everyone knows that the "reality" in the term reality TV isn't the same as actual reality. Reality TV junkies accept staged meetings and events as part of the experience. But in Season 5, Jersey Shore included so much obviously fake, forced drama that it went from ridiculous but fun to just plain boring. We don't mind that the producers cut the macaroni rascals off from the internet, but we do mind when they so obviously poke and prod the plot in an attempt to make it interesting.

Not sure what we're talking about? Here are the most obnoxious cases of manufactured drama from Jersey Shore Season 5:

Oh no! You need a new roommate! Remember when Vinny left, and Shore Store owner/ostensible Shore house landlord Danny told the cast that he would need to hire a new employee-roommate? And then pretended to be interviewing people off of the street, as if MTV would possibly let some rando move in? This whole plot was so obviously contrived it felt genuinely insulting to the viewer. Everyone in the world could see through it.

Deena might get fired. In the same vein, the idea that Deena might get fired and kicked out of the house for not showing up to work was also ridiculous. Yes, it happened to Angelina in Season 1, but no one liked Angelina. Deena is lovable and popular, they're not going to boot her off the show for skipping work.

Vinny might not be home. Remember when the cast piled into a car and headed over to Staten Island to win Vinny back? And remember how they were worried that he might not be there? Yeah, right. As if the whole expedition didn't have to be cleared beforehand.

Angelina. Fortunately, Angelina's appearance at Karma turned out to be a non-event, but we still don't believe that it was a coincidence.

The gang goes camping: We are sure this was totally all Snooki's idea, and not at all prompted by one of the Jersey Shore Powers That Be. Yeah. A spontaneous camping trip sounds right up the Marconi Rascal's ally.

Sammi's fight: We believe some girls jumped Sammi from out of nowhere at the club. What we don't believe is that Sammi had no idea why they would do that. They did it because she's famous. That is obvious, and the fact that no one said so was silly.

Pauly D's stalker. Again, we totally believe this stalker girl was the real deal. What we don't believe is that she managed to get so close to Pauly D without the producer's a-okay, and we also can't buy that he was truly scared of her. There is so much security around them that it's clear there was nothing for him to worry about.

As annoying as The Situation's attempts to mess with Snooki all season were, at least they seemed to come from a place of genuine crazy deep within Sitch's small little heart. This stuff, on the other hand, was just dumb.