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The Secret Circle

Top 10 Quotes From The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 16 “Lucky”: “Thank You For My Monkey”

The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 16, “Lucky” quotes were all about sex, love, and monkeys. Check out the top 10 snarks from “Lucky,” — and give a warm welcome to Grant (Tim Phillipps)! We're pretty sure this boy will be the source of copious amounts of hilarity in the future.

10. Cassie (Britt Robertson) hands Blackwell a cup of coffee: "Black... I figured the darker the better."
LOL, witch humor.

9. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) fondles Eva's shoes: "I’d never be caught dead in a kitten heel. I’m really more of a stiletto."
We had her pegged as a toe-shoes kinda gal.

8. Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) chats up Blackwell: "Your funeral was lovely, though. I wore red."
We can't even talk about the possibility of Blackwell dying, it's too upsetting.

7. Diana (Shelley Hennig) flirts with Grant: "Thank you for my monkey."
Best way to end a date ever.

6. Adam (Thomas Dekker) drops the L-word: "I am not afraid of you. I love you."

5. Blackwell warns Cassie: "Dark magic, it’s not a parlor trick."
Sigh, there go our Casino Night plans.

4. Blackwell self-reflects: "The darkness made me vengeful and destructive."
We feel a poem coming....

3. Faye eye-rolls at Adam and Jake: "Will you two just arm wrestle or something?"
Right, because that would be a fair fight.

2. Eva gets jealous: "I came back from the dead for you. You can’t just dump me for some little slut who doesn’t know the first thing about love."
Excuse you; Faye is not "little".

1. Grant attempts to flirt: "It would be a shame for all those grapes to have given their lives only to be doomed to a glass of flat bubbly."

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