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Does John Francis Daley Want Sweets and Daisy to Break Up? — Exclusive!

In the latest development on Bones, John Francis Daley’s character, Dr. Lance Sweets, might be getting a new romance, according to a report recently picked up by Wetpaint Entertainment. And this twist wouldn’t be too surprising to us, as Lance and his girlfriend Daisy Wick have been voted one of TV’s most annoying couples.

But John exclusively tells Wetpaint that he loves his psychologist character’s relationship with the chatty lab assistant, played by Carla Gallo, and hopes it continues!

Here’s John’s take on his TV love, the highly anticipated Booth (David Boreanaz)/Brennan (Emily Deschanel) baby, and a Hollywood episode for Bones, which returns April 2 on FOX.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s new with Lance and Daisy?

John Francis Daley: I don't know. I really don't know. I'm curious to see because they're such a great couple, and they're really sweet together. So I'm hoping that it stays that way.

How will they get past their rifts?

Well, they always have their arguments, just like Booth and Brennan do. But at the end of the day, they realize that they love each other. That's all that matters.

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So when is Sweets having a baby?

[Jokes] He is six months pregnant, right now. Can you tell? No. I don't know. I'm curious to see how the relationship with Daisy develops, if they do go that next step.

Do you feel left out now that everyone else on the show seems to be —

Family oriented?


No. I think it's nice to be one of the few single people. Well, not single because I'm with Daisy, but one of the few not completely tied down characters.

What are some of the episodes that can look forward to?

We explore a bunch of different worlds. We've got that serial killer that's coming back.

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Are you in the birth episode?

I’m somewhat part of that, yeah. In a not very involved way.

You’re not delivering the child?

I do not deliver the child. [Editor’s note: We know who does!]

What else can we expect on Bones?

[We’re doing a] Hollywood show. Basically, they make a movie about the relationship between Booth and Brennan. Brennan writes a script or book that they adapt to a script and a movie. And it's fun to see the movie version of Booth and Brennan.

Is there a Sweets in the movie?

I don't think so, no.

You should be upset.

I should be. [Deadpan] But for some reason, I'm not.

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