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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 5: Malika and Khloe Fight Over Plastic Surgery

It’s was a week of self-discovery and decision-making for the Karashian-Odoms and friends. Right off the bat, Malika admits to Khloe that she wishes she had bigger boobs. It starts out as kind of a joke at first, but later on, Malika announces that she has scheduled a consultation for breast implants. Looks like it’s time to “get a new set of twins.”

Although Khloe’s not opposed to the idea of plastic surgery, she’s worried that her bestie is going under the knife for the wrong reasons. She brings up the fact that Malika just broke up with Adrian — roll the montage of cute moments, followed by tears — and explains that she’s worried that this is about her break-up.

Meanwhile, Lamar’s hanging out with his own sidekick. His conversation with Jamie is interrupted when his once-estranged father, Joe, calls. Lamar listens with apprehension as his pops throws around the idea of a vacation together. Since they’ve only recently gotten closer, he’s not sure if he’s ready to spend that much time with the elder Odom. Still, he’s more than willing to help him out with groceries (aw, such a sweet son!). When they hang up, Jamie suggest that a trip together could be good for their relationship.

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Speaking of friends and advice, Khloe decides she needs to get the implant idea out of Malika’s head. She brings her to a lingerie store to find a magic bra. When a store attendant measures Malika, her bandsize is only a 28 or 30, which bothers her. Still, Khloe and the attendant gush over her body and put her in a push-up bra that gives her a rockin’ rack. Only Malika’s not into it. She wants it to be real, not just an illusion, even in spite of all Khloe’s reminders that everything they do with hair and make-up is an illusion too.

Desperate to make Malika appreciate her body, Khloe strips down to a bustier, thinking she’ll feel better by comparison. But it doesn’t work. Malika just says that she could get lipo if she wanted, which really angers Khloe. Bad choice of words, Mali.

While the girls are struggling to get along, Lamar and Joe do some bonding over dinner. After an awkward start, they talk about the tragic deaths they’ve had in the family. They realize how lucky they are to have reconnected, and Joe talks about how he’s still trying find his way back after his time fighting in the Vietnam War. With another History Channel-esque sequence, Lamar explains to us that his dad went through hell to survive. It’s no wonder he had PTSD, given that he had to crawl through tunnels surrounded by his fallen comrades.

Back in the car, the ladies’ battle continues. Khloe denies that she’s mad at Malika, but she totally is. She tells Malika that she’s not interested in going with her to the consultation because she thinks it’s a bad decision. Malika argues that this isn’t about low self-esteem, but Khloe’s still mad about the lipo comment. She makes a dig about how she’ll do it so Malika can use her fat for implants. Gross.

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Without Khloe to support her, Malika gets her twin sister, Khadijah, to go with her to meet with the plastic surgeon. He starts talking about risks, like a hard breast caused by scar tissue and the possibility of seeing wrinkles. Yikes. Once they get to the stage where they look at photos of what sizes she could get, Khadijah points out that Malika’s favorite is the same as what she already has. Malika wonders why she likes it on the other girl, but not herself. Suddenly, she realizes that she might not be making the decision for the right reasons.

Miles away at Camp Pendleton, Khloe and Lamar decide to get a better idea of what it was like for Joe to be in the military. As they see how difficult the job is and imagine having to fight for their lives, Lamar has his own epiphany. He gains a better understanding of why Joe wasn’t able to be there for him when he was younger and decides to cut him more slack. In the end, he decides to give this whole father-son vacay thing a go and invites Joe to Santa Barbara for a wine-tasting trip. Fun!

In another heart-warming moment, Khloe and Malika make up. The implant-less Malika admits that she was making a bad call and she’s glad Khloe was the voice of reason for her. Her bestie makes one last snarky/passive aggressive comment about her being fat, but Malika tells her not to call her friend fat. Aww!

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