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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Finale: Garrett “Knows a Lot About Who ‘A’ May or May Not Be”

On last week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 2, Episode 24: “If These Dolls Could Talk”), we learned a lot more about Garrett (Yani Gellman) than we’d ever known before. Namely, that his friendship with Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) was based on much more than just being mutual friends of Ian (Ryan Merriman), and that someone (or several people) were framing him for some very bad behavior.

In an interview with Zap2It, Yani discusses just how much Garrett knows about “A,” and Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) murder.

“Garrett definitely knows a lot about who 'A' may or may not be,” he says. He hints that several different plot lines will intersect and “crash,” meaning that Jenna’s (Tammin Sursok) decision to turn him in for stealing Page 5 from Ali’s autopsy report and “A”’s decision to plant his police badge at the scene of Jenna’s near-fatal fire incident could easily be intertwined.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated plot connection is the link between “A”’s identity and Alison’s murderer(s). On that, Yani will only say, "I think that those two plot lines will almost certainly intersect in some way.”

On thing he will say for sure is that the creepy connection between Garrett and Melissa will be explored. Yani says we’ll have to “tune in to the final episode to find out exactly what the nature of their relationship is. There's definitely something there that will be revealed,” and he wouldn’t confirm nor deny the possibility that he’s the real father of Melissa’s baby. Why else would she really need him, of all people, to accompany her to the OB/GYN?

Hey, we can’t blame the guy for staying tight-lipped. He suggested that he might get “arrested” if he revealed too much!

Find out who “A” is on the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 finale tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Source: Zap2It

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