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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap of Season 4, Episode 18: Cynthia Bids Malorie Adieu!

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down on Season 4, Episode 17 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

Thou Shall Not Forgive

After last week's major blowout with her sister Malorie, Cynthia Bailey and Peter conclude that the best plan of action is to stop inviting her places. Brilliant!

Cynthia adds that, as far as she's concerned, when Mal walked out of the one-year anniversary party, she walked out of her life and it's fine by her. Good riddance, Mal!

Except the next day, Mal stops by the Cynthia Bailey Agency to kinda apologize. She says she's sorry about her outburst, but manages to slip in that all she sees when she looks at Peter is "negative."

When Cynthia tries to tell her what she sees when she looks at Chris (Mal's husband), Mal is all this isn't about me, leave my husband out of it.

Oh, so you don't like your sister butting into your marriage, huh? Interesting.

They both decide some distance is probably the best thing for their friendship and sisterhood, since Cynthia just plain doesn't like her right now, so Mal takes off for France. Good riddance, for reals this time.

Thou Shall Forgive


The last time Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss got together, things got a little ugly between them regarding the whole South Africa Black Babies Scandal. Tonight, they got together to clear the air.

Basically, Kandi explained again that, although she did agree that she didn't see Kim taking the trip to Africa, Sheree Whitfield wrongfully added in the part about Kandi saying that Kim wouldn't hold black babies.

It was actually Cynthia who said that, Kandi told Kim. And, really, Kim misses Kandi, so all is forgiven, Kim and Kandi are besties again, and Kim can focus her hate on Cynthia — everybody wins!

Here Comes the Bride

Sheree goes to visit her daughter Tierra, who drops some big news on Mom. Apparently, her man is looking to start ring-shopping so Tierra might be getting hitched sometime soon.

Sheree congratulates her with the typical words of advice ... you know, make sure you have your own money and, watch out, because I'm still waiting on child support from your deadbeat stepfather. Supportive!

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In all seriousness, she's totally on board, though, and even meets with Daman to talk things over.

She's definitely a little annoyed that Sheree's boyfriend talked to her ex, Bob, before her about asking for Tierra's hand — especially since he's not even Tierra's biological father and she just doesn't like him — but she's happy for the young couple and ready to help Daman find the perfect rock. I hope you brought your credit cards, kid.

On a side note, what is up with the trashy Vegas version of Sheree squeezed into a tight leopard top with Pretty Woman hair during the confessionals tonight? Not a good look for her.

Let Them Eat Cake(s)

Across town, Phaedra Parks' hubby Apollo is asked to give a motivational speech at the Mason Lodge about going from prison back into society and setting a good example for his son.

Phaedra's proud of her man's ability to win over the crowd, since it's a great asset for running a funeral home, plus he "looked fine doing it, mmm-hmmmm."

Later, Phaedra throws baby Ayden a lavish pool extravaganza to celebrate the little guy's first birthday. She hired four party planners to run the craziness, including Dwight at the head of operations.

We're pretty sure not even Kate Middleton had that many people working on the royal wedding.

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At first we didn't think this event could possibly top the live ballerinas baby shower. Held at a water park, the party had potential to almost be laid-back.

And, then, the cake presentation happened. Phaedra not only had 12 cakes baked for the shindig, one for each month of Ayden's life thus far, but each was presented to him on a silver platter to see if they stood up to his standards.

Seriously, these bakers lined up and offered up their cakes, hoping for Ayden's approval.

In the end, he went with a simple pound cake, which in our opinions ... huge mistake. The red velvet was the clear winner. Best party ever, if you like cake.

To Sign or Not to Sign...

Now that it's been a year since NeNe Leakes filed for divorce from Gregg, it's decision time. Only problem is that, after 15 years of marriage, NeNe is scared of making a mistake. Fair enough.

After talking to a therapist, she decides she still needs a little more time to figure out if getting back together with Gregg is the right call. (Or maybe a little more time to score another pair of Loubies from her Famous Famiglia stalker admirer.)

Kandi Koated Kountry

Vacation's over and it's time for Kandi to get back to work in the music industry. When we last left her professionally, she had just met country star Jo Dee Messina and they've been busy crafting some country tunes since then.

Kandi and her producer take a road trip to Nashville to Jo Dee's awesome cabinesque recording studio. They work on an upbeat Jewel-like ditty called "Money Don't Grow on Trees," which we gotta say is pretty damn catchy.

Kandi feels a bit out of her element, but she's happy to step out of her comfort zone into the world of country, where they record with a live band and stuff. (We're just happy she's not working with Kim anymore.)

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Kandi is, however, a bit taken aback when she finds out that Jo Dee has set up a little gig for them to showcase their new collaboration together at the Bluebird Cafe, which is apparently the "It" spot to showcase new music in Nashville.

While arenas filled with thousands of people don't scare Kandi, intimate spaces make her nervous.

But, the pair totally pulls it off. In fact, we personally think they should release it as a duet. Way to go, Kandi — making country dreams come true!

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