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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Spoilers: Renee Olstead Teases “Tense” Future Between Madison and Lauren – Exclusive

When Secret Life of the American Teenager had it’s finale last fall, viewers were shocked when Madison (Renee Olstead) slept with her best friend Lauren’s beau, Jesse.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with Renee, and she clued us in to the tense future that lies ahead for Madison and Lauren, and Madison’s drastic makeover!

Check out the interview below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: After the explosive finale last fall, where Madison slept with Lauren’s boyfriend, what happens with their friendship?

Renee Olstead: I definitely think that Lauren has every right to be upset at Madison. I know that they’ve been friends for a really long time and sometimes friends need to take a break for a while, and sometimes friends find a way to work it out because boys come and go and friends are forever.

I can’t necessarily say what’s going to happen, but I do think that they have a really strong bond and they’ll work it out eventually.

Is there anything left to Madison and Jack’s relationship?

I’m not sure, I think that Grace has always been the love of Jack’s life, so I think that if he ends up with anybody, it would be Grace.

Is there anyone you’d love to have more scenes with?

I love doing scenes with Shai — which I’ve always gotten to do — but I’d love to do more scenes with Francia.

Fancia’s really great, she’s a great actress, and we very rarely have exchanges together so I think it would be wonderful if maybe I did more scenes with Francia.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

Which Secret Life guy is the best kisser?

I don’t know! I have these goggles on because I’m very much in love with my boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine being with anybody else, so whenever I kiss somebody it’s really just a scene!

What can you tell us about the upcoming new episodes of Secret Life?

There’s the 100th episode which is pretty crazy, but I would definitely say that there’s going to be some tension between Lauren and Madison for the upcoming season because of Madison’s thing with Jesse.

There are some new faces joining the cast. What can you tell us about them?

Well Christian Serratos has been on set and was on set during the 100th episode. I think she’s a great character and I think a lot of the new private school girls are a great addition to the cast. It’s always fun to bring in new people because there’s new conflicts that could be created.

What can you reveal about the big 100th episode?

I think that the producers and the writers on our show are brilliant and I think they came up with some really great ideas for the 100th episode.

I think people are going to really enjoy it, it’s a lot of fun. I can’t tell you what there is to be excited about, but I think everyone’s going to really love the episode.

How does it feel for you to be hitting such a big landmark for ABC Family?

Amazing! I was on a show a while ago called Still Standing and I was really lucky because we made it to 100 episodes and all that, and to be on another show that’s so incredible and touches people on a much deeper level than anything I’ve done — I think it’s a project that people can really relate to — is incredibly special. I feel so blessed.

Does the cast have anything fun planned for the premiere coming up?

I don’t know! It’s the 25th so it’s coming up soon. Maybe Camille and I will get together. We used to have a little pizza party and watch the episodes.

We had two shows that we’d watch, our show and America’s Next Top Model, they both deserved a pizza night.

Your co-star, Shailene Woodley, was in the spotlight this winter. Now she’s a Golden Globe nominee. Has that changed anything on the set?

Not at all. Shai is the most down-to-Earth, hippie in the best way possible, wonderful person. She’s such a joy to be around and she hasn’t changed at all. She’s a wonderful girl, the salt of the Earth.

Do people prank each other a lot on set?

We used to do a lot more pranks than we do now but everybody’s always joking. I have the best situation on set because I get to work with my best friend, Camille [Winbush.]

Camille and I have been best friends for 10 years now, so I couldn’t imagine a better place to go to work everyday.

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What’s it like to work with your best friend?

It’s amazing, we work all the same days and it was purely a coincidence that we both ended up playing best friends. I feel so incredibly lucky not just to work on a great show, but to get to work with my best friend.

Who’s the biggest jokester on set?

Maybe Kenny [Baumann], I feel like he’s always laughing and making jokes. Allen [Evangelista] is a big jokester too, but he just had a baby so he’s got a lot more things to think about than playing pranks.

Has Allen brought the baby to set?

Yes, baby Hudson is so beautiful, and so wonderful, and I’m so happy for them.

What’s going on in your music career? Any updates to share with your fans?

I’ve been working on stuff, but I haven’t put anything up yet. I’ll let you guys know when stuff is going to be released. We’ve built a recording studio in the house, so there will definitely be some music coming from there soon.

You recently changed your hairstyle — what inspired that?

Sometimes over hiatus I get a little angsty and I decide to change things up a bit. I can say that Madison will be a blonde this season.

For more about Secret Life of the American Teenager, check out ABC Family's official site.

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