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The Voice

3 Reasons The Voice’s The Shields Brothers Deserved to Advance to the Live Shows

In the third set of battle rounds last night (March 19) on The Voice Season 2, judge Cee Lo Green pitted rocker duo The Shields Brothers against former model Erin Martin.

Not only was the pairing incredibly strange, but The Shields Brothers were completely robbed when it came time for Cee Lo to make a decision.

Here are our top three reasons they should still be in the competition:

1) Punching America in the Face During the Battle Rounds

Erin Martin and The Shields Brothers were given the song “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner. The judges seemed to focus on the fact that the song wasn’t right for Erin’s voice, but they never mentioned that The Shields Brothers were able to take a classic soul song and make it their own.

Their rich harmonies and clear talent were a cut above Erin’s strange squeaks and weak sound.

When the contestants were practicing, it seemed that the odds were in The Shields Brothers' favor as Cee Lo tended to side with them on vocal decisions. A frustrated Erin said, “Power is not talent. It’s just loud.”

But their sound isn’t just noise, Erin! They’re actually talented and took their performance seriously. Just because you dressed up for the show, doesn’t mean you deserve to win.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC © 2011 NBC Universal, Inc.    

2) Beauty Queen Versus The Beasts
The Voice has prided itself on being all about the singers’ impressive vocal talents, and not about their looks. But once the blind auditions are over, the show seems to be increasingly focused on appearance.

In last night’s battle round, Erin showed up in a leotard and shoulder pads? We won’t question her fashion decisions, but it was clear that her slightly exposed legs helped her to advance to the live shows.

In a repulsive reaction from Blake Shelton, we learned the reason he sided with the self-proclaimed “Egyptian warrior princess.”

“Erin, I am SO glad you wore that. I’m married now and girls wearing outfits like that is all I have left. I would have picked Erin,” Blake said.


How about we comment on her voice and not her Moulin Rogue/Vampire Diaries combination outfit, Blake? Cee Lo did offer more legitimate reasons behind his decision, but even he was disgustingly sleezy about Erin’s looks in the blind auditions.

Is this The Voice … or America’s Next Top Model?

3) Comedic Effect
With tragic back stories and emotional performances, we could use a bit of a break. The Shields Brothers are light-hearted and carefree, while also taking their profession seriously.

Whether they're goat wrangling or rocking out, we love watching them entertain. Who are we supposed to laugh at now? Carson?

What do you think? Were The Shields Brothers robbed? Comment below!

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03.20.2012 / 10:15 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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