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The Bachelor

5 Bachelor Men Kacie Boguskie Should Date Next

A fake Facebook profile for The Bachelor 16 fan favorite Kacie Boguskie with a status set to “In a Relationship” led fans to believe that it was with Ryan “Mr. Sunshine” Park from The Bachelorette Season 7. It seems like a perfect match. And they are at least friends, both flashing that cheesy heart symbol for the cameras after a recent lunch date. But they don’t seem to officially be an item yet — and he’s not the only fish in the Bachelor Nation sea.

In her exit interview, Kacie was asked what she was looking for in a man. Here’s her response:

2. Roberto Martinez


Roberto is the total package: family oriented insurance salesman who is good with kids and wants to stay out of the limelight. Did we mention he’s insanely hot? Like, 10 times hotter than Ben Flajnik on his best day? That’s a bonus.

1. Ryan Park

Credit: via Ryan Park's Twitter    

Seriously. We already planned a future for these earnest cuties back in December when her pre-season video clip came out. Yeah, he lives in California and she’s in Tennessee, but if she wants to try new things and be on the go, she should just move to Cali and see where this goes. She’d be the perfect Mrs. Sunshine!

4. Michael Stagliano

Credit: Judy Eddy/    

True, Michael started Season 16 on Team Nicki Sterling and it sounds like he’s now on Team Emily O’Brien, but it’s possible when the dust settles he’ll find himself drawn to sweet Kacie. Or not. But Michael has a big heart and loves love and he’d probably treat Kacie really well. They don’t seem like they’d have personality clashes or anything like that. She wants to find The One and so does he. Maybe she could twirl her baton at his live music shows? OK, bad idea. But the pairing isn’t!

Emily Maynard!

Credit: DannyMahoney/XS Nightclub/Splash News    

Kidding! Except, not kidding. Kacie and Emily don’t exactly swing that way, but — on a platonic level — if Kacie does want a “best friend” who shares her beliefs and likes to try new things, she could do worse than become “girlfriends” with Em, the original Southern Sweetheart. Besides, a lot of ladies end up surviving their husbands and spend their final years hanging out with their buddies in the nursing home/retirement community, so why not start making some lasting lifetime connections now, even if they don’t involve romance or engagements? (And you never know, maybe Emily will see one of her Season 8 suitors as better suited for her new bestie over her. Double date alert!)

3. Brad Womack

Credit: STARPICZ/Splash News    

The two-time Bachelor seems drawn to the traditional gal who's a total sweetheart — like his Season 15 ex Emily Maynard. Well, Kacie was the “sweetheart” of Season 16 and a Southern belle like Em. Only thing is, Emily wasn’t ready to move herself and her daughter to Austin, Texas just yet. Kacie’s parents would prefer her to have her own place instead of living with her boyfriend/fiancee before marriage, but Kacie doesn’t seem to averse to moving to the same city as her gentleman love. It’s possible Kacie’s family would love bar-owner Brad, even though he’s also in the alcohol business, too. Brad is a Southern gentleman and seemed more earnest about finding a lasting love than his Bachelor successor.

5. Andy Baldwin

Credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images    

When doctor slash triathlete slash Navy officer Andy Baldwin isn’t busy running marathons and saving the world, he’s busy looking cuter than ever. The Season 10 Bachelor deserves a sweetie like Kacie to cheer him on and be at his side as fulfills his unofficial role as Captain America. Maybe she could be his Wonder Woman. Or something.

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Oh goodness, where do I begin? I think my first two qualities that I really want, that I think have always been consistent in any relationship I've had that have made them work, is I do want somebody that has the same religious beliefs I do, and I want somebody who's going to be like, my best friend. And other than that, you know, I want somebody who's adventurous and fun, that likes to stay on the go, that likes to try new things. There's a long list, but I think those are probably my top three.


Sorry, atheists and couch potatoes! You’re out. Who’s in? Here are some options we’ve come up with for the Tennessee lass...