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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Things We Want to See From Amy Juergens Next Season on Secret Life of the American Teenager

It's T-minus less than a week until our lives fill with the sausagey glory that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager!

We're beyond thrilled about the return of our favorite knocked-up teens, but the person we're most excited to see? The one and only Amy Juergens.

This gal has changed more than anyone else on the show, transforming from a band geek into an engaged divorcee with a toddler.

Check out five things we'd love to see from Amy when she lights up the small screen in just a few days!

1. More Melodrama

Amy's always been a goody-two-shoes, and it's time for her to bust out her inner bad girl!

Sure, Ames can't go too crazy or she'd set a poor example for Baby John (not that there's any hope for that kid anyway), but we're desperate for a night of ill-advised drinking, followed by an extremely moral life lesson about the dangers of beer pong.

2. A Giant Wedding

We're thrilled that Amy and Ricky finally took their relationship to the next level of wedded bliss. Sure, this is Amy's second stint as a child-bride, and yes, some might say this wedding is the worst idea ever, but haters to the left.

Hopefully Amy will become a bridezilla — extra points if she goes bat-crazy and starts punching walls like our girl Adrian "Churros" Lee.

3. An Old Flame

On the one hand we want Amy to marry Ricky, but there's part of us that thinks she and Ben and meant to be.

Call us crazy, but maybe these two should give their relationship another shot — but not until the end of the season. First, Amy and Ricky have to get married and Ben has to become an alcoholic.

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4. A Business Venture

Amy's been so busy dealing with mommy-hood, she's hardly had anytime for herself. This gal will graduate in just a year, and we have a feeling she won't apply to college because she'll feel obligated to pop out more babies.

Here's to hoping Amy gets her girl power on and starts up a business venture or two! Suggestions: Jarred meat sauce, canned meat scraps, or pink sausage.

5. A Middle-Part

Amy's bangs. You either love 'em or hate 'em, but one things for sure: Her forehead hasn't seen the light of day in at least five years.

Please join us in a prayer circle for this gal's hair — we don't think it can endure another season being fondled and swept to the side in a massive fringe of doom.

03.20.2012 / 09:24 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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