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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Is Glad Kim Zolciak Didn’t Come to Her Anniversary Party: “She Would Have Brought Her Own Bottle of Wine”

Cynthia Bailey’s lavish one-year-anniversary party in Season 4, Episode 17: “Peaches and Screams” was the talk of the Atlanta Housewives — and true to form, not all of that talk was positive. Cynthia recounts the drama from that night in her blog, including Sheree Whitfield’s stirring of the pot by bringing up Marlo Hampton’s “f-word” comment, as well as the continuing feud between sister Mal and husband Peter.

On Sheree’s attitude:

“For some reason no matter what we do, Sheree never has a good time at our events. I'm not really sure why she even bothers to come. Oh, maybe since she had already decided that she was going to have a horrible time, it would at least be a great opportunity to bring Lawrence to confront Marlo about the whole F-word issue. From the look on her face, she clearly enjoyed every single minute of it.”

On Kim’s no-show:

“It was not exactly a shocker that Kim did not attend the party. She is an associate, not a friend. The invite was a courtesy, same as the baby shower invite. I often get invited to outings amongst the girls that I choose to attend out of respect, not desire. In hindsight, Kim's absence was actually a small blessing. I'm sure nothing would have been good enough for her, and she would have brought her own bottle of wine.”

On Mal’s breakdown:

“I respect my sister's marriage, and I do not involve myself in the inner workings of her relationship. We are both grown women, and are responsible for own lives and the choices that we make. My sister and I are close, but we don't agree on everything. We didn't when we were younger, and we don't now that we are grown. As Mal's sister, my role is to be there when she needs me & mind my business when she doesn't. I expect the same. We will always be sisters, and will always have each other's backs.”

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