Cutest Ryan and Esposito Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 18: “A Dance With Death”
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Cutest Ryan and Esposito Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 18: “A Dance With Death”

After Castle and Beckett, wise-cracking bro-kicks Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito are totally our favorite twosome on Castle. While the dynamic duo are ever-present in the precinct, they rarely get as much unadulterated screen time as they did in Season 4, Episode 18: “A Dance With Death.”

That said, we wanted to pay homage to the abundance of Ryan/Esposito bro-banter in Monday’s episode. Check out the top Ryan and Esposito (Resposito? Espyan?) moments below:

3. Ryan Asks Esposito to Wear His Wedding Ring

We all know Esposito hasn’t been the luckiest in love as of late (although we still don’t know whether to blame him or Lanie for that), but he sure seems to think he has all the answers. E tells Ryan his wedding ring repels women, but Ryan hears otherwise from his other buddies. So, to test Espo’s theory, Ryan tries to hand off his ring to his bestie, to see if women will still flirt with Esposito over him.

“Here, wear my wedding ring,” Ryan says “What? Get that thing away from me, man!” Esposito responds, grossed out.

Unfortch, Esposito tells Ryan that ring or no ring, it’s the “stink of honeymoon phase” all over him that’s pushing the ladies away. So true!

But perhaps the best part of this entire exchange is the fact that E and R decide not to allow Castle to come along. “And you don’t want Castle to come because all the women will flirt with him,” Esposito muses. Exactly.

2. Ryan Throws Salt in Espo's Game

While the duo are investigating Odette’s murder, they head to a club to grill the bartender. Without fail, the drop-dead gorgeous bartender starts flirting with Esposito after he flashes his/Ryan’s wedding rock. But before the brunette cutie can invite him back to hang out, Ryan cuts in “He’s gotta get home to the little lady.”

Needless to say, Esposito is not happy that Ryan cut in. “Why you gotta throw salt in my game?” he asks, to which Ryan responds that he doesn’t want Esposito flirting with mysterious, sexy bartenders while wearing a piece of jewelry that represents his commitment to Jenny. Yep. He actually said that — and both the bro-kicks definitely noticed.

1. Esposito Gets Mushy — Kind Of

Despite his very obvious anti-marriage stance, Esposito tells Ryan “a lot of [single] men would switch places” with the happily married detective. Not him, of course. But other single men.

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