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The Voice

The Voice Season 2: Best Performance of the Night From Battle Round 3 on March 19, 2012 (VIDEO)

Last night’s battle round performances on The Voice Season 2 were billed as “shocking” and “strange” by NBC, and they delivered. The performances featured many fan favorites including Pip, Erin Willett, The Shields Brothers, Angel Taylor, Erin Martin, and Gwen Sebastian, but not every contestant was able to squeak by solely on popularity.

The contestants battling this week from Team Christina were Usher’s vocal twin Jonathas and the lesser-known Ashley De La Rosa. Though Ashley’s blind audition was originally cut short, Christina didn’t let Jonathas’ fan favoritism affect her decision to eliminate him.

It was one of the rare occasions this season in which a judge picked the stronger battle round performer regardless of their fan following (or the sexual tension between them).

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC © 2011 NBC Universal, Inc.    

But not all contestants were so fortunate. The only Team Cee Lo performance of the night was between former model Erin Martin and rock duo The Shields Brothers. The pairing was awkward and originally seemed to work in the brothers’ favor.

Erin’s distinctive voice sounded weak next to the power of rock and her attempts to add a rock and roll spin came out a bit shrieky. But her one-piece leotard with shoulder pads helped seal her fate.

Blake drooled, Miranda’s jealousy grew, Christina was fair, and Adam was baffled, mostly because this group should have never been paired together in the first place. Cee Lo chose Erin, saying he could do more with her voice.

Whatever, we’re over it. NOT.

Taking things back to fair battles, Team Adam saw impressive growth this week. When we saw that Pip and Nathan Parrett would be up against each other, we figured Pip would have it in the bag.

But Nathan had us turning during practice with Robin Thicke. His impressive progress made us sad to see him go, but Pip’s too strong to be eliminated before the live shows. Sorry, Nathan!

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC © 2011 NBC Universal, Inc.    

Adam’s second pairing was between Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker. Again, Angel was the favored contestant as Katrina only had one chair turn for her, but this time Katrina’s growth was enough to win her a spot in the live shows.

The first pairing on Team Blake wasn’t exactly fair, but someone had to go up against ALyX. The singer was clearly one of Team Blake’s weakest contestants, as they didn’t even show her singing in the brief 5-second clip of her blind audition.

Former Alicia Keys backup singer Jermaine Paul blew ALyX out of the water singing Billy Ocean. Every single judge sided with Jermaine, and though Blake tried to make his decision more of a surprise by commending ALyX’s performance, we all knew Jermaine’s win was coming.

But the best performance of the night has to go to...

...Erin Willett and Gwen Sebastian singing “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. The moments leading up to this battle were incredibly tense, as a tearful Erin sat down with Blake to talk about her father’s final moments.

Though the decision was tough, we’re very happy Erin decided to stay in the competition to honor her father’s memory. We’re very sad to see Gwen go, but she has more important things to do these days.

What do you think of our pick for best performance of the night? Comment below!

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