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Bones Season 7 Finale Title Change! What’s the Episode’s New Name?

Once upon a time — okay, maybe it was more like last Thursday — we reported that we had all of the titles for the remaining Bones episodes this season (not counting the upcoming bonus episodes).

Michael Ausiello at TV Line told fans the final episode of Season 7 would be titled, “The Bite in the Beast.” However, it appears that the Bones creators have since changed their minds! Based on Ausiello’s most recent update, there will be no beast doing any biting in the last installment of Bones’s seventh season.

In fact, the title for the season finale is “The Past in the Present.” Definitely sounds like a more characteristic season-ending name, don’t you think? This will give us all kinds of opportunities to ferret out details about our favorite characters’ pasts — heck, maybe we’ll even discover why Caroline (Patricia Belcher) is so grouchy!

(P.S. In case you were terrified to the contrary, TV Line confirms Booth is not dying in the season finale. Brennan, on the other hand... We kid! We kid!)

Source: TV Line

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03.22.2012 / 02:50 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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