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Bones Spoilers: Romance Drama! Which Couple Might Be Headed for a Breakup? — Update

All is not well on the romance front when Bones Season 7 returns this Spring!

First, we heard that Angela (Michaela Conlin) will strike up a flirtation with a free-spirited artist named Twerpski. While we’re sure her husband Hodgins (TJ Thyne), can’t be too excited about this potential competition, Michaela Conlin confirmed that Twerpski won’t pose any real threat to the couple. Jack and Ange are solid, guys. No worries!

However, we’re not sure we can say the same about Sweets (John Francis Daley) and his girlfriend Daisy (Carla Gallo).

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While thing initially seem to be heating up between the two when Bones returns on April 2 — TV Guide is reporting that Daisy comes down with a serious case of "baby fever" after meeting Baby Bones — that doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing for the couple.

E! Online is teasing a big storyline in the works for Sweets — and “it includes getting a new partner and possibly a new romance? Bones is looking for a recurring character to play both!” TV Guide adds that this mystery lady is "an acerbic, fresh-out-of-the-academy FBI agent who might not keep things exactly professional with her new partner."

Of course, Sweets getting a “possible new romance” doesn’t have to mean that he and Daisy will break up. But it appears that there will be a new love triangle, at least.

So now we have to ask, are you heartbroken that Daisy might be losing her precious Lancelot... or are you actually a bit excited about the split? This twosome didn’t make our list of TV’s Most Annoying Couples for no reason... right?

Source: E! Online, TV Guide

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