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Dancing With The Stars

Jaleel White: Kym Johnson and I Have “Sparks,” “We’re Practically Married”

They always try to have it both ways. The couples of Dancing With the Stars gush about their partners and talk intimately about the chemistry in their relationship — then act so befuddled when people start thinking maybe they are a real-life couple. It's not like it's never happened on the DWTS set!

A “very single” Jaleel White talked to Access Hollywood Live about his Season 14 partnership with two-time champion, the “smokin’” Kym Johnson.

“We have sparks, but our sparks produce dancing,” Jaleel explained. “We’re having a good time. This whole dance culture is a very passionate thing — you know, locked in that clench four to five hours a day, staring into their eyes, you get to that point where you can start to communicate without talking.”

In a video blog for Access, Jaleel added of Kym, "We're picking up each other's slang, we're practically married, Kym and I..." Put together, why wouldn't some viewers think maybe Jaleel and Kym were starting to *like* like each other, in the fourth-grade sense?

After seeing a photo of Kym and Jaleel holding hands, RumorFix asked a rep for Jaleel about the couple’s relationship. “Nope! [They're] not dating,” the rep said. “I can’t believe people would think that. If you work together with somebody for three weeks and you’ve killed yourself, you’re just happy it’s over with and you’re like ‘God that was great!’ I didn’t even think somebody holding someone’s hand could be interpreted that way!"

Okay, we get that Jaleel and Kym are just friends, but is it really so ridiculous that some fans think a close DWTS partnership could also mean romance? It's happened over and over again on the DWTS set. Of course, Kym was also linked to her Season 12 partner, eventual winner Hines Ward, and she’s been seen holding hands on dinner dates with DWTS pro Tristan MacManus. Maybe she’s just a very affectionate person. Or maybe she figures the shippers helped her and Hines win, so why not try that angle again?

As long as those sparks, even if they are platonic, keep producing amazing dancing, we think Jaleel and Kym will go far this season.