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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Scoop: Allen Evangelista and Amy Rider Say Relationships Get “More Complicated” – Exclusive

We know Secret Life of The American Teenager fans were as shocked as Alice when she caught Henry in bed with naughty Adrian (Francia Raisa) in season 4’s last episode.

And now the show’s stars Amy Rider and Allen Evangelista tell Wetpaint Entertainment what we can expect from their characters after the crushing blow to their relationship.

What’s coming next for star-crossed Alice and Henry when the ABC Family show returns on March 26? Read on!

What can we expect from your characters after the big betrayal?

Allen Evangelista: Drama.

Amy Rider: It gets more complicated.

Allen: Yeah. The dynamic's changed big time because of what just happened. I slept with Adrian, and she saw, of course. And me and Ben, Ken Baumann's character, we get into a little heated debate — we'll say that — and so there's drama. Definitely some drama.

Will Henry and Ben get into a fight?

Allen: Maybe. But we’re both really, really sad … Or he leaves angry. I’m really sad.

Amy: There’s the whole best friends thing where, obviously, because Kenny's character is angry at Allen's character. And [Adrian and Alice] are all mad at each other.

Allen: So they’re side-taking because they've become their thing and I only have, what? Adrian to talk to now.

Amy: And, of course, I'm still in love with you. I don't know why.

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Henry has destroyed their relationship, hasn’t he?

Amy: Yeah, it was totally his fault.

Allen: Yeah. She was so devastated when she saw that we were breaking up — [that is] the real-life Amy.

Amy: Oh, yeah. [Sarcastic] Crying on the inside. He likes to think that we have the same relationship off screen as on screen, but I keep telling him it's not true.

Allen: I heard a story that Amy went to [show creator] Brenda [Hampton]'s office and demanded rewrites because she wasn't with me anymore. It was so sad.

Amy: I heard a story that Allen went to Brenda and said, “Aan we please have more sex scenes?” and Brenda was like, “No.” And Allen was like, “I'm going to quit.”

All kidding aside, does the latest twist open doors to other relationships?

Amy: Yeah.

Are Alice and Henry ever going to end up together?

Allen: Well, we don't know that.

Amy: We don't know. It's kind of like we're in the same position as everybody else. We're always surprised by what the writers throw our way.

Allen: There’s a vulnerability. There could be some looking around.

Amy: I think when couples have that really strong attraction, it's just hard to know because if you're together for so long, there's obviously big things keeping you together. And they've been together since they were little, so I wouldn't put it past them to get back together in the future.

But you never know. It was such a big devastation that it could just wipe the relationship out.

Allen: Yeah. I heard a lot of feedback from the fans of the show about that because we were together so long — they were like “Oh, my gosh. You guys were inseparable. What went wrong?”

But me sleeping with somebody else, probably screws it up even more.

Amy: A lot of fans were like, “You guys were the one couple that I thought was going to stay together, and you're broken up?”

Allen, was it awkward doing the bedroom scene with Francia?

Allen: Oh, my gosh. The first time I heard that it was like a week before we started shooting, and we hadn't got the script yet. And someone comes up to me and was like, “Hey. Did you read the next script?”

And I was like “No, no. What happens?” “Oh, you and Francia.” “Me and Francia what?”

She’s like, “You guys hook up.” And I was like “No way!”

So I went crazy, and I texted her, and she's like, “What?” So she called in and everything because it would be so awkward.

We're brother and sister basically. We're best friends. But thankfully, we didn't have to kiss or anything.

Amy: They were both like, “Ew, gross.”

Does the relationship between Henry and Adrian continue?

Allen: No, no, no. Wait. We don't know what happens.

Amy: Something could happen in the future. You never know.

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