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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson vs. Emily O’Brien! And 5 More Memorable Feuds From Bachelor and Bachelorette History

There’s nothing like a good Bachelor Nation brawl. There have been several on-screen spats over the years — especially in recent seasons where the balance has shifted from one drama king/queen per show to at least half the cast being a pot stirrer.

Sometimes the contestants just yell. Sometimes they yell and get physical until one of the fighters flees through the landscaping of a Turkish hotel. (We remember you fondly, Ali Fedotowsky vs. Justin "Rated-R" Rego!) Most of the time, The Bachelor fights just involve icy stares, ugly cries, petty disses to the camera, a rallying of the troops against the other side, and a tattle-tale session with The Bachelor/ette.

In honor of the end of The Bachelor Season 16, which had its own big episodes-long rivalry between Ben Flajnik's eventual winner Courtney Robertson and fan fave Emily O'Brien, here are five other memorable fight nights from seasons past.

5. Dave Good vs. Juan Barbieri, The Bachelorette Season 5


Juan was never part of the Season 5 frat and Dave was the frat king. Dave thought Juan was fake and shady and "here for the wrong reasons." And he really, really, really seemed to hate when Juan faked drinking a shot just to fit in with the other guys. In Dave’s eyes, this was a major violation of "man code” and made Dave want to beat the sh-t out of him. You can watch Dave talking with Jillian Harris in this clip from Season 5. He's about to tell her which guys aren't right for her... then Juan interrupts him. That sets him off all over again in a hilarious fashion as he sounds off on Juan to the other guys. When Juan overhears him, Dave tells him to “walk on” ‘cause they’re busy talking about him.

Now Dave and Juan seem to get along fine, and they didn’t fight at all on Bachelor Pad Season 1 (a breeding ground for petty conflict, see: Honorary Mentions at end).

Craig McKinnon vs. Jonathan Novack, The Bachelorette Season 6 Craig McKinnon vs. Jonathan Novack, The Bachelorette Season 6


For some reason, Craig just had a thing about The Weatherman. It’s like he could smell weakness and went for it repeatedly to the point where a distraught Jonathan felt the need to talk to Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky about it. Not content to tick off just one person, Craig also went after Jesse Beck, telling him he had looks going for him but nothing else. He annoyed Jesse enough that Jesse had to be restrained from beating the crap out of Craig. (Some people just can’t take constructive criticism, huh Novack?)

3. Marshana Ritchie vs. Robin Canfield and Chelsea Wanstrath, The Bachelor: London Calling


Robin and Marshana were both strong-willed and competitive for most of Matt Grant’s season, and Matt — like Jake Pavelka and Ben Flajnik — tended to go for the drama girls. At one point, a group of the girls were sitting around the house and Marshana talked about how Matt knows how she lives and she knows how Matt lives. Robin thought that was ridiculous because Marshana had never been to London. "Don't be condescending with me 'cause I will not have it," Marshana snapped at Robin. For some reason Chelsea got involved and Marshana yelled at her for misquoting her as saying she didn’t want to be there. The fight escalated until Chelsea walked away and Marshana followed her, yelling "Walk off! walk off!" as Chelsea insisted "You're not the queen of the house!" So childish. So embarrassing. Soooo good.

2. Melissa Schreiber vs. Raichel Goodyear, The Bachelor Season 15

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It’s not even clear what started Melissa and Raichel’s feud so early on during Brad Womack’s season We just know that they both established camps and complained about the other loudly enough that the other could hear. Raichel called Melissa a “toxic disease.” They both called each other psycho. Melissa had a tearful chat with Brad, all while spraying onion pizza breath in his face. Then Raichel had her own tearful talk with Brad. By the episode’s end, he’d decided he was done with both of them.

1. Ali Fedotowsky vs. Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor Season 14


This one was awesome because it was a Cold War that lasted for most of the season and ended only because Jake Pavelka had a talk with Ali that forced her to pump the breaks. Ali was very open about not liking Vienna’s attitude and seemed to have most of the house on her side. Gia Allemand was really the only one backing up Vienna, who had decided that all the girls in the house were fake. Ali flipped out at the Episode 4 rose ceremony when Jake gave Vienna a rose. Ali figured Jake couldn’t want a girl like her if he was into someone like Vienna. At one point, Corrie Adamson pulled a prank and read off a date card saying Ali and Vienna would be going on a date together with Jake. Ali immediately reacted with disgust, saying “I feel sick right now.” Corrie revealed that she was joking, but it was too late. It was out in the open and Ali and Vienna had to air their laundry as the cameras rolled on. Ali and Vienna called a truce after the show, but don’t expect them to tweet sweet nothings to each other anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions: The Fights of Bachelor Pad 1 & 2

Because there are just too many:
Michelle Kujawa vs. Tenley Molzahn on Season 1
Kasey Kahl vs. Jake Pavelka on Season 2
Vienna Girardi vs. Jake Pavelka on Season 2
Gia Allemand vs. Vienna Girardi on Season 2
Melissa Schreiber vs. Blake Julian on Season 2
Michael Stagliano vs. Blake Julian on Season 2, etc.

Not to mention the great off-show feuds between former BP1 buddies Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand and the BP2 after-party he said/he said spat between Justin Rego and Graham Bunn.


Thanks for the memories, Bachelor Nation. Here’s to many more...

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