Could Kris Humphries Be the Next Bachelor? Chris Harrison Thinks So!
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The Bachelor

Could Kris Humphries Be the Next Bachelor? Chris Harrison Thinks So!

Chris Harrison caused quite the frenzy when he kinda sorta made it seem ABC had offered the Bachelor gig to NFL star (and Taylor Swift’s rumored love interest) Tim Tebow. Chris cleared that little situation up in his post-Bachelor 16 finale conference call this week... but threw another famous, frenzy-causing name into the Bachelor maybe-pot: Kim Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries!

Read on for what the Rosemaster told reporters this week:

Tim Tebow has officially turned down the offer to be on The Bachelor. Are there any other celebrities you'd like to see on the show in the future?
Okay first of all, Tim Tebow did not officially turn down the offer because there was no offer. I take full responsibility for that horrible rumor that I accidentally started on Access Live last week. I was thrown in for Billy Bush and we were showing this to Tebow and I was trying to tell the story that I'd run into Tim like a year-and-a-half ago at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles and I was joking about it. Only the story never got finished and we moved on. And so I didn't think much of it and so I'm the one that started the story and it was a total joke that I — Tim was actually never really approached. Never offered him the job, I mean not that he would be a great Bachelor. He'd be fine if he wants to do it. But it was just — that was just me joking with Tim because we were standing together inevitably when I'm with a great looking single celeb people always yell, "Hey, you should be the Bachelor." So that's how all that started, so apologies to Tim Tebow for ruining his last week.

Are there any other celebrities that you would, maybe like to throw in the mix?
Oh — well, I mean, if [George] Clooney dumps Stacy Keibler, yes. I think he'd be great. Who else? Yes, here's the the thing now. Whether it's a celebrity or not. In all seriousness, the main thing and we've talked to athletes, we've talked to other athletes as well, in all seriousness, in the NFL, NBA and stuff like that, but you have to be sincere. And while the show seems fun to these guys and “Hey, I'll come on, that'd be great,” but when we really sit down and have our conversations say, look you need to be sincere about why you're coming on the show and what this is going to lead to and hopefully that is a real relationship, and that's usually when we lose them and it's like, "Oh no, I was just coming on to have fun." And we're like no, no, this is a serious show. So whoever it is, whether they’re a celebrity or not it's really about the sincerity and how serious they are about doing this.

Yeah and, you know, an athlete that would definitely draw in ratings would be Kris Humphries with the whole Kardashian fall out.
I know exactly that would — he would be good and obviously he's ready to get married. It's just, could we make it longer than 72 days that would be the big question.

Now that's what you call a "sick burn."

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