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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 2 Spoilers: Alfie Allen on Theon’s Bigger Role and “Wrong Decisions”

If you thought Game of Thrones' first season had a lot of characters in play, just wait until Season 2 starts!

One character who will be getting increased screen time is Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), the Stark's ward and, in Season 1, Robb's (Richard Madden) constant sidekick.

What can you expect from this Iron Islander in Season 2? Alfie Allen recently chatted with What Culture! about playing Theon, and the changes we can expect to see from his character.

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"The fans of the books tend not to like my character that much so...," Alfie admitted when asked about playing Theon. That statement alone should probably give you something of a clue about Theon's upcoming role.

"I don't think he changes," Alfie continued, when asked about Season 2. "His morals are constantly the same."

However, that doesn't mean the audience will like the actions he takes. "I think he just makes the wrong decisions through thinking that he’s making the right ones," Alfie admits. "He’s just not that smart in his decision making... I think he sets out to do the right thing but he just ends up doing the wrong thing."

Well, Theon will be far from the first Game of Thrones character to make the wrong move for the right reason — but everyone's reactions will depend on exactly how bad his decisions end up being.

Here's another hint: Alfie said "yes!" when asked if he enjoys playing the villain, though he didn't outright say that he considers Theon in particular to be a villainous character.

Want more clues about Theon in Season 2? Check out this chilling House Greyjoy promo, which shows Theon returning to his homeland, the Iron Islands:

Source: What Culture!

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