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The Bachelor

Get a Chance to Date Kacie Boguskie, Roberto Martinez and MORE!

You never know what one date will get you. A good time. A longtime friend. A lasting love.

Well for now, it’ll get you extra points in the karma department. Michelle Money and many other Bachelor alums are powering together to raise money for Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation by auctioning off dates with some of Bachelor Nation’s hottest eligible contestants, including:

Credit: via Ali Fedotowsky's Twitter    

Roberto Martinez (Bachelorette 6)
Jillian Harris (Bachelorette 5)
Dave Good (Bachelor Pad 1
Natalie Getz (BP 1)
Erica Rose (BP 2)

And then there’s the newest addition to the Bachelor family, adorable Kacie Boguskie of Ben Flajnik’s season. We’ve had our eyes out for a potential love for our favorite baton-twirling Southern belle, and even though this is for charity... love has blossomed in stranger places! (Like in the middle of the ocean, amIright, Ben?)

So support Michelle, who’s been championing a cure for the disease that her father passed away from since her BP2 days, and the rest of the crew by watching the video below, or by going to

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