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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoiler: Why Does Chuck Turn to Blair?

It’s no secret that Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) have been buddied-up on the set of Gossip Girl as the cast remains hard at work filming the rest of the fifth season. The duo has been spotted by photographers filming scenes together not once, now, but twice in the last couple of weeks!

The question is… What’s the nature of their reunion??

While they’ve fueled speculative rumors of a reignited romantic flame – remember, though, guys, there’s all that awkward Dair between-the-sheets action still to come – the just-released synopsis for Season 5, Episode 19,“It Girl, Interrupted,” hints at what might really be goin’ on…

Sayeth the summary, “Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice about his past.”


With all that wacky business in the past between the duo, and the added twist of Jack Bass’ return, might Blair know something that will help Chuck uncover the mystery of his mama? Or is he simply leaning on her in his time of need?

Either way, we all know that times of hardship have severe results on this oft-ill fated couple! (You know, the usual: car accidents, rooftop showdowns, bein’ left for dead in Prague.) But if they are working together to uncover the truth, then, well, we just can’t keep our Chair-lovin’ hearts from hoping that it might draw them together romantically once again. (Sorry, DanHump!) Who’s with us?

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03.23.2012 / 01:18 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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