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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Star Francia Raisa Can’t Wait to See How Fans React to “Very Shocking Relationship” – Exclusive

Think Secret Life of the American Teenager can't get any more dramalicious? Well, according to star Francia Raisa (Adrian Lee), we ain't see nothing yet!

When Secret Life returns with brand-new episodes March 26, Francia tells Wetpaint Entertainment to expect "huge fallout" from all the craziness that went down in the summer finale.

Ricky proposed to Amy, Adrian Lee slept with ex-husband Ben's best friend Henry, Madison slept with best friend Lauren's boyfriend, and some new faces showed up to stir up trouble.

Check out what else Francia had to say about the new season, including their big 100th episode!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was it like, celebrating 100 episodes? That's a major milestone for any TV show.

Francia Raisa: Well it didn’t really hit me until we were at the party and I saw the cake that said 100 episodes. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list now!

It’s very exciting, and we’re all happy that we got to grow up together and that the show’s been such a huge success.

New episodes return Monday! What can we expect from this new season?

There’s drama, like there always is. There’s a new relationship developing among the main six. It’s a very shocking relationship that might turn a few heads.

I’m excited to see how the audience is going to react to it. And of course, my character is on to her bad habits ... and there’s a huge fallout [from the summer finale] in a lot of friendships.

Do you think Adrian and Ben are done for good?

You know what? I can’t even predict, because sometimes I think a storyline is going in one direction, and then there’s a U turn … I mean I never thought I’d be pregnant or end up with Ben Boykewich, so I can’t even tell you!

I want to say yes, it’s done, because she’s realized she’s not in love with him, she’s in love with Ricky. But then the next thing you know, she might have an epiphany and be like, ‘just kidding!’

Speaking of Ricky and Adrian, what's going in their relationship now that he's engaged to Amy?

They’re going off to college together, so they’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. I think they have some classes together.

But I think there’s gonna be love for them, no matter what. He was my first love, I was his first love, and you never really get over that.

I think she’s ready to win him back, especially now that she knows he’s taken and not available, and you always want what you can’t have!

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So, people are definitely moving on to college?

We’re still going to see some high school hallway scenes, but we’re definitely growing up and going to college as well. Amy is still in high school, but Ricky is in college, so we’re going to cross paths.

We were introduced to some new characters, and there are more joining this season. What can you tell us about them?

You’re going to be seeing them a lot more often, one in particular. He plays my boyfriend, but he broke up with me, Omar … but he comes back. I think it’ll be another Ricky situation!

Do you like playing a bad girl like Adrian?

I love it! I have so much fun with it. I can play with her a lot. She’s definitely matured this season because of the loss of her baby. She wants to be a woman her daughter would’ve been proud of to have as a mother.

At the same time, she’s still a teenager, she’s still young, she still has her ways.

You had a very serious storyline last summer with Adrian losing her baby. Do you enjoy the more dramatic stuff more, or the more comedic stuff?

I like the heavy stuff because it really challenges me, and I love challenging myself. It was definitely a story I was very nervous about because it is a situation that happens in reality. I didn’t want to degrade it, but I didn’t want to go too over the top with it.

It was a good experience for me as an actor, but I love comedy. I love making people laugh. And she has a lot more comedic stuff this season, and I’m having a lot of fun with that.

Anyone you want Adrian to get together with?

Derrick Rose. [laughs] If he happens to want an acting gig, I’m sure Adrian would love to date him.

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Everyone in the cast seems so close. Are you guys really all friends?

Yeah, we really are. Honestly, we are so close. We are all very supportive of each other. They tend to hire a lot of our personal friends.

Like, I have a friend guest starring in this episode, Haylie Duff, and I’m really excited to have her on.

Wow, did you get her the gig, or did it just work out that way?

It just works out. Haylie was on 7th Heaven, that’s why she’s coming on this show, through Brenda [Hampton, the show's creator]. But other than that, they just happen to show up on set one day and I’m like, ‘Oh, hey!’

What else are you working on?

I shot a movie over the holiday called Chastity Bites, a comedy/horror. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but it was a fun role for me. It was very different. It’s the complete opposite of Adrian, she’s a very shy virgin at school, and she’s a little on the ugly side, but whatever, it was fun!

I’m actually in the middle of writing my own dance project now. I’m still in the very, very beginning process, but I’m very excited for you guys to see it at some point. It’s a dance film, there’s definitely a lot of love in it, it’s about friendship. There is a love story in there.

Are you dating anyone?

No, I’m not dating anyone. I’m currently single! I have been single for a long, long time. I haven’t found my Prince Charming.

Who's your current Hollywood crush?

I have a huge crush on Tom Hardy ... Derrick Rose, like I said. Blake Griffin is a new one that I’ve been crushing on lately.

For more about Secret Life of the American Teenager, check out ABC Family's official site.

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