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The Secret Circle

The Best Secret Circle Quotes From Season 1, Episode 17, “Curse”: “Did Little Miss Bad Girl Bring Her Nasty Game?”

The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 17 was all about sex curses, dead-birds, and crazy old ladies — and so are our favorite quotes from “Curse.” Check out the top 10 quips — and don't worry, most of these quotes won't kill pigeons if you read them out loud.

10. Jake (Chris Zylka) mocks Adam (Thomas Dekker): "It took a curse to figure out being with Adam was a colossal mistake?"
Well, a curse and hundreds of suicidal birds.

9. Jake tries to find "leafy root": "We must have something at the abandoned house. My brother grew a lot of weird plants."
Sigh, never forget Nick’s (Louis Hunter) herbal tinctures…

8. Cassie (Britt Robertson) questions Jake: "Are you sure that that’s a good idea?"
Jake: "If only you had asked yourself that last night."
Amen, Armstrong.

7. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) questions Eva: "Since when does Lee think?"
Is it just us or does Faye seem kinda "whatever" about Lee's death?

6. Faye dishes to her besties: "Eva was hiding something from me. Behind those doll eyes and creepy voice."
Because Faye's hybrid Australian/American isn't creepy at all…

5. Cassie flirts with Adam: "I keep thinking about the first time we did magic together."
This is the witch equivalent of smoking a cigarette after sex.

4. Adam quips at Jake: "You know, you can still go back to town. We don't mind at all."
Jake: "And miss out on this amazing bonding opportunity? No."
This threesome isn't playing out the way we had hoped.

3. Jake grills Adam on doing it with Cassie: "So how was your first time? Was it sweet and romantic, or did little miss bad girl bring her nasty game?"
Let's just say Cassie's sheets are still stained with Adam's tears.

2. Cassie explains the Cadam curse to the Circle: "Last night, we activated it."
Faye: "So, you two finally graduated from hand holding and smooching. Congrats!"
RIP forever, wildlife.

1. Grandma Jane mistakes Cassie for her mother: “Please tell me you and Ethan didn’t — ”
Cassie: “No!”
Drunk dad is a little age-inappropriate.

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